Let Sports Praise Life – IANONI appears at the Salt Lake City Exhibition

The 2023 Salt Lake City Outdoor Sports Exhibition is held at the Salt Lake City International Exhibition and Conference Center in Utah, USA. The Salt Lake City Outdoor Sports Show is one of the world’s top outdoor product exhibitions.

IANONI is a brand developed and designed in the United States and produced in China. Caston Sports is China’s largest manufacturer of racket sports equipment and accessories. Since its establishment 13 years ago, the company has adhered to the dual drive of materials and technology, constantly tested and certified with professional institutions, and continuously sought feedback and suggestions from professional athletes to keep innovating in outdoor sports products and provide higher-quality products to customers.


Dual drive of materials and technology

In this exhibition, IANONI introduced the ELITE, PRO, SERENDIPITY, and CHILDLIKE series of rackets. Apart from rackets for beginners and professional players, they also specifically introduced the IANONI SERENDIPITY couple rackets. These couple rackets are aimed at a large number of people trying to learn pickleball. Its wide face gives you the maximum surface area to contact the ball, making the control-oriented rackets bigger and enabling more continuous hitting, allowing for a fuller enjoyment of pickleball in everyday life.

The IANONI PRO is more geared towards professional pickleball players. It was created through layers of professional appraisal and feedback from professional players. The material of the racket is T700 friction carbon fiber, forming a naturally smooth texture on the racket surface, increasing ball spin and control, and achieving high-quality shots. With a single 8mm pp honeycomb core, the consistency across the entire surface allows pickleball athletes to achieve a perfect balance between control and power.

IANONI aims to serve a refined market by providing customized rackets for different age groups and needs. This time, the brand has introduced the IANONI CHILDLIKE children’s racket, made from premium fiberglass or carbon fiber. Certified safe and secure by professional organizations, it helps children grow and explore during their developmental stage. Unlock the secret to parent-child communication and close the gap with a healthy game of pickleball.



Let Sport Praise Life~

Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, table tennis, and squash, making it a rapidly growing “sport for all” worldwide due to its simplicity, moderate intensity, and low risk of injury. IANONI is constantly conducting extensive research on innovative materials and technologies. In the future, we will continue to enhance our innovative technology system, uphold the company’s vision of “Let Sport Praise Life,” and make sports a way of life. Through sports, we aim to discover the beauty of life and provide our customers with better, higher-quality pickleball rackets.

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