Let Chinese mask machines “go out” to help overseas fight against the epidemic

Let Chinese mask machines "go out" to help overseas fight against the epidemic
The winter cold wave hit, the epidemic rebounded in many countries around the world, and the number of confirmed cases increased sharply. The global epidemic continues to spread, and many countries and regions have resumed strengthening epidemic control.

The epidemic is not over, protection should not be taken lightly, and the demand for medical supplies such as masks, alcohol, and goggles has also decreased. As the most basic and most indispensable protective equipment, masks have played an important role in fighting the epidemic.

Hangzhou Intelligent Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (ICT) began to invest in the R&D and production of mask machines at the beginning of the outbreak. At present, it has produced high-speed one-to-one automatic mask machines, double super flat mask machines, inner ear edging mask machines, and fully automatic KN95 masks. All kinds of mask machines, such as fully automatic KF94 mask machine, are equipped with a packaging line. The entire mask production process is fully automated, and the machine is highly efficient, stable, and high-quality. The flat mask machine can reach 180 pieces per minute.

The mask machine produced by Hangzhou Intelligent Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (ICT) has been successfully completed in many countries across the country, providing support for the production of anti-epidemic materials for domestic and overseas fight against epidemics. 24-hour maintenance, can provide on-site installation and debugging of equipment, and support video remote after-sales service, providing worry-free guarantee for customer expansion.

Nowadays, the epidemic situation has rebounded again. the company will continue to give play to the unique advantages in technological innovation, transform technology accumulation into the development of response to the epidemic, increase the speed of research and development of mask machines, and continuously improve the production speed, stability and quality of equipment the company will actively make donations and donations to provide countries with a steady stream of medical and epidemic prevention materials to help the people of the world usher in the day of defeating the epidemic as soon as possible!

Hangzhou Intelligent Creative Technology Co., Ltd.(ICT)is a famous factory in China’s automation industry. The mainly products such as: industrial Robot, Automatic packing machine, Automatic mask production line, etc.

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