Less Than 11 Days Until Dranite Becomes Available Online

One of the latest and the most expected cryptocurrency trading websites will be online in less than 11 days. Now people can start getting the first advantage.

Dranite is an all-new company that is focused on virtual currency exchange. They have prepared an all-new website with a launching time of 10 days and 23 hours (at this particular moment). Now members from all parts of the world can start with the registration process and enjoy the best benefit of them all.

Bitcoin exchange Malaysia is more popular than ever before. Millions of dollars are used for trading Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. This country measures some of the most important increases in the demand for virtual currency trading providers. Yes, there are a lot of them, but now we will be able to get one more.

The company and the website we have mentioned at the beginning will probably elevate the Malaysia Bitcoin exchange to the next level. They have been preparing a massive surprise and the ability for the users to trade any known virtual currency available online. As a matter of fact, they also offer people the ability to post a message where they will tell them which virtual currency they want next available. We tested the feature and it actually works.

Buy Bitcoin Malaysia now can come without a fee. This is the unique benefit the company offers to the newest members. People will have to register today or before the site is launched in order to get 0% fees for the first 3 months. If visitors are planning to trade with virtual currencies for a long period of time, this is definitely an advantage to use.

In a phone call with the CEO of the company, he revealed “At the moment we are preparing the finishing touches for the website. We have completed Beta testing and we are proud to reveal that the site is 100% operational. Of course, new and fresh additions will be revealed after the launch.”

Despite the fact the site isn’t available yet, it got more than 100.000 visitors. All of them are potential members.

About the company:

Dranite Bitcoin Malaysia is the fastest growing industry of all times. The site and the company is one of the latest additions to the market. They have been known for offering state of the art technology and they have a high satisfaction rate. If visitors are looking for Bitcoin to myr, this is the place to visit, in 11 days. For more information, kindly visit https://dranite.com/en/my.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dranite
Contact Person: Jon Ng
Email: Send Email
Phone: 513-917-0393
City: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Website: https://dranite.com/en/my