LED Safety Lights as Necessary in Summer Due to Changeable Weather Conditions Advises Life Style Lytz

Precautionary Safety Planning Key to Avoiding Accidents in Summer

In winter road safety and the need to be visible is a no brainer. We see it gets dark in the early evening and should we be planning to be out in the proximity of vehicles in the form of running, walking, cycling etc, then we take precautionary steps so that we are visible to those vehicles. As spring turns to summer and the days and evenings get longer, the times when we go walking or running are lighter and it is then that many people tend to relax their safety precautions thinking that they do not need to take steps to be visible in the lighter conditions.

In a statement today by LED Safety Light manufacturer Life Style Lytz, they advise that accident statistics would indicate that precautions still need to be taken throughout the summer months in the same way that they are in winter. Changeable and unpredictable weather conditions can appear in a matter of minutes whilst you are in the middle of an activity and if people are unprepared it can put them in a dangerous position.

A spokesperson for Life Style Lytz explained, “We all think we are safer in the lighter environment of summer. But statistics suggest that the difference is only small and that many accidents still occur. This may be due to the false sense of security that the lighter evenings bring and also due to people getting caught in changing weather conditions and being unprepared. We would urge all walkers, runners, cyclists, motorcyclists to take the same safety precautions all year round to ensure they are prepared for all weather conditions at all times.”

Life Style Lytz is manufacturer of the Life Style Lytz Multi-Purpose Safety Light. The clip-on lights that come in packs of two, contain five powerful LED lights that can be set to slow strobe, fast strobe or continuous display. The multi purpose lights can be used for any outdoor activity and their design allows for them to be clipped on the person via a powerful hinged clip or by Velcro straps, (2 x included in each pack), that can be used on wrists, ankles or used to fasten the lights on bags and clothing. During the summer months they are the perfect safety protection that can be carried or stored on the person to be used if light or weather conditions change for the worse.

The spokesperson continued, “On a bright summers evening you may not think you need safety gear but weather can change and if it does, you will be glad you have your LED safety lights to hand to ensure you are visible to passing vehicles. The lights are small enough to carry in a pocket or bag. They can be clipped on a book bag or worn on the arm just in case conditions change.”

The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 Pack contains two lights of 2 1/5 inches in length. Each light contains five LEDs. The pack also contains 2 Velcro straps for fastening plus 4 CR2032 Lithium batteries which provide up to 70 hours constant use or 96 hours strobe use. The pack also contains a mini screwdriver for changing batteries when needed. The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 pack is launched exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited time during its launch it may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Life Style Lytz is manufacturer and distributor of The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 Pack. The packs can be purchased exclusively on Amazon.

For further information please go to their sales page at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A0G18QI or visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lifestylelytz/ 

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