Learning Mobile App Synergy Cities of China 2017, Testin AppBase Best 50 Report

Chinese Internet has led the world in the past 2017, mobile app has greater popularity in range of fields, learning is one of the most prominent. Testin AppBase Best 50 Report shows the learning mobile app synergy cities of China for the past 2017.

With the popularity of 4G network, online education not only has met the need of using fragmentation time to learn something new, such as queuing up or commuting, but also has broken through the limitation of time and space that change the traditional learning model. Taking Homework hleper (作业帮) as an example, with the help of this Q&A App, students can solve studying problems beyond their knowledge after class and no longer have to get answers until the next schooling day as they used to do. Besides, this kind of online learning App sets up a point redemption scheme  to motivate students’ studying interest to learn new knowledge. All in all, this is an era in which everyone no matter who they are and where they are can learn what they want to learn by taking advantage of Mobile Learning App.

Beijing is the cultural center of China by virtue of 27 top universities, including the best two–Beijing University and Tsinghua University, all located there. A growing number of Chinese parents tend to bring their children to Beijing every summer vacation to visit these famous universities. And Qufu, a city in southwestern Shandong province, attracting numerous tourists at home and abroad because it is the hometown of Confucius–the greatest thinkers and educators in the history of China.

All of these educational history, culture and resources in these cities precipitation, have become a solid foundation for learning application developers. Testin summarized data of 2017 Mobile App Synergy Cities of China in Learning (Education,Training) through continuous follow-up tests, data screenings and investigations in 2017. The data is shown in the following figure:

2017 Mobile App Synergy Cities of China
 - Learning (Education, Training)2017 Mobile App Synergy Cities of China
 – Learning (Education, Training)

We can learn that benefiting from its cultural deposits and geographical advantages, Beijing is the best Mobile Learning App Synergy city in China. The other four in the top five cities are: Shanghai, one of the two most developed cities in China; Guangzhou, one of the most prosperous city in the south of China; Hangzhou, a strong economic province along the southeast coast of China and Shenzhen, one of the most potential cities in China. Besides, Ji’nan, Changsha, Chengdu, and Qingdao are also on the list.

As the largest cultural center in China,Beijing is the best choice of enterprises to launched their Mobile Learning Apps. For example, the top two of AppBase Best 50 in Education — NetEase Youdao Dictionary (网易有道词典) and PowerWord (金山词霸) both owned by enterprises in Beijing. These Apps are free multilingual translation software by which user can translate words or phrases quickly and accurately anytime and anywhere as long as the Internet is available. The most popular Mobile Learning App launched by Shanghai’s enterprises is Nami Box (纳米盒), an intelligent rereader and dot reader designed for parents of primary and preschool children. Friday (超级课程表) is the best Mobile Learning  App launched in Guangzhou. This App is a kind of campus application, by which college students can check the schedule, take notes and query results. The best Mobile Learning App launched by enterprise in Hangzhou is Fun dubbing (英语趣配音). It help users practice oral English and improve listening skills by online video dubbing. The most popular Mobile Learning  App launched in Shenzhen is Shuangge English (爽哥英语). This App provides users with situational learning model and online learning group to practice English through interaction.

Testin AppBase possesses the world’s largest integrated benchmark database in terms of App market, operations, products and research & development. And all Testin’s customers, partners, invited industry experts and investors can obtain anonymously the Testin AppBase Synergy Report for a specific object generated by the AppBase database. AppBase is the comprehensive index of strength of Mobile App. The following figure is the 2017 annual bulletin of AppBase in Learning (Education,Training) by Testin. Testin collected data from aspects of Marketing & Operation, Product & Development and Product Strengtheners and divided them into Market Drivers, Synergy and Entrants.

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