Lead Generation Expert announces partnership with Live Exclusively Miami Luxury Real Estate Team

Real Estate Lead Generation Expert Damon Greene has partnered with the Live Exclusively Miami Team to 2X Luxury Real Estate Sales in 2017.

Damon Greene, a luxury real estate lead generation expert, has announced the partnership with the Live Exclusively Miami Real Estate Team based in Aventura Florida.  The Live Exclusively Team is a team of top performing Luxury Real Estate Agents. The Live exclusively has also created the of the only South Florida Luxury real estate Iphone app featuring premium properties selling for one million dollars and above.

Greene and the Live Exclusively team have been working together for over 2 years and just recently made their partnership public. Greene has been working with the Live Exclusively team to target luxury condo and preconstruction condo leads for properties selling for $500K and above.

“In the last 6 months alone Damon and his team have generated over 1200 buyer leads for the Live Exclusively Team and completely automated the process for us. All we need to do call the leads, follow-up and respond to emails. Just from the leads we currently have we expect to close 7-8 figures in sales from international and domestic buyers by the end of 2017. This wouldn’t have been possible without Damon” says Nathaniel Crawford, co-founder of Live Exclusively.

“The Live Exclusively Team Just Gets it! They tried other so-called lead generation services and companies like Zillow and Realtor.com and didn’t see any success. I was able to work with the team, really get into the weeds of their business to learn their ideal customer and build out proprietary systems to target buyers highly interested in buying soon. It’s worked so well that the leads that have been generated have over a 41% interest rate, meaning they’re ready to buy now or in the very near future” Says Greene.

Greene and the team at IwantBuyerLeads.com work exclusively with hand-picked agents and brokers that understand and require a steady lead flow of both buyer and seller leads to increase their sales.

“I actively vet all agents and brokers that desire our real estate lead generation services. Each system is one of a kind and tailored completely to the needs of each client. There is a rigid application process to ensure that the agents or team and I work well together and that I can actually help them improve sales.” Says Greene.

The Live Exclusively Team and Greene continue to work together on new projects and with all the quality leads generated, the live exclusively team expects to have a record year in Luxury Sales.

“This partnership has proven to be a win-win. We’ve tried other services and been disappointed but Damon has given the entire team faith again… and a whole lot of upcoming sales,” states Crawford.


Damon Greene is a Real Estate Lead Generation Expert and Video Lead Generation Expert with over 10 years of lead generation experience. Greene has generated over 10 million in luxury real estate sales for his clients in the last 18 months. Greene offers an exclusive lead generation service for full-time and top performing agents.  Greene also teaches agents how to create automated lead generation systems to fill their pipeline with quality leads and close more deals.





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