Law firm in India leading in the visionary role of information and education

Social participation, Information and constant spread of education are what one would expect from a visionary company. So it is with premier law firm in India, NRI Legal Services.  The organisation has been consistently working towards adding to society in some meaningful way over the past few years. Now, even more so and that too, at greater levels.

Influencing the youth through education

As an example of its commitment to the greater cause of Law information, education and empowerment, the company took the initiative to grant vital scholarships worth INR 50,000 to students from the Army Institute of Law (AIL) in the city of Chandigarh.

In addition to these scholarships the company has also been offering internships to various students at the local Law colleges. The senior most legal experts of the organisation make it a point to go and address students at various Law institutes in the region.

In doing so, as a responsible & committed law firm in India, NRI Legal Services hopes to encourage and train youngsters in the nuances of Law Practice. It is for this reason that the company senior lawyers are so active in the Moot courts that Punjab University, Chandigarh and other institutes conduct.

Being a friend to the NRI Diaspora

Besides these initiatives, the company supports greater interaction with all sections of the society – in particular the NRI community around the globe.

In yet another step to extend a helping hand to the NRIs, the legal experts of the company will be visiting the UK in July 2017. This is another one in the series of meetings that the team conducts so that overseas citizens can benefit from the knowledge about property matters.

The organization has enjoyed tremendous respect from the NRIs over the past few years. Overseas citizens get a rare platform to settle and find the resolution for their property disputes. The strength of the firm comes from the fact that they can efficiently resolve cases without the client having to travel back and forth to India. Also, NRIs get trustworthy experts to solve their property legal matters.

Reaching out through the Social Media

In line with the company policy of regular and thorough communication, NRI Legal Services is an example of being an exceptional law firm in India that has been regularly also conducting FB Live sessions where senior expert lawyer  Nidhi Singh addresses the worldwide web audience about the intricacies of important property matters and addresses queries. It has now become a regular feature of the team to use all media to connect to the world audience. The topics covered could range from Transfer of Property, Title Claims, Power of Attorney, Illegal Sale and Occupation of Property, Succession Certificate.

The company legal experts work in such a manner that clients get access to the best legal opinion on property matters. It is because of the approach that this law firm in India has of reaching out to the NRIs across the world, that they are able to serve their clients better.

Interaction Abroad

These sessions and meetings held in other countries like the UK are meant to be opportunities for overseas citizens to be educated about their property ownership rights and other such issues. For all NRIs it is of great importance to be informed and aware about the various property laws in India. For this purpose, NRI Legal Services, operates global centres, all of which are provided with the best technology, software, and other communication & case management systems. Usually, clients contact the company through the website or global centres or the India office.

As a unique facility, the experts review the clients’ property documents and make a report on the matter. If there are no documents then the legal team would, first of all, do a property search service and get the proper ownership title deeds.

Further, in line with its focus on always providing the best to the clients and the society in general, NRI Legal Services is a futuristic, tech-savvy law firm in India that is also coming up with an online real estate platform where buyers and sellers can connect for transactions on premium & luxury properties in India. The company is creating new standards of transparency and convenience in the real estate industry.

The share of the property, valuation of the same, feasibility of the legal process and exact status of the client property is all put forth to the clients. It is only after that the client is informed about the fee etc. There is an online case management system that stores all details of the clients and manages progress reports for them so that they can track their cases comfortably. This takes care of the fact that they cannot travel back and forth to India very often.

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