“For centuries crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties and now, Kuratif has created a healing crystal jewelry line for everybody, including babies and adults.”

San Diego, CA – November 03, 2017 – Kuratifmala.com, an online store centered in Mindful Jewelry, has announced their official website launch today. “Kuratif”, which means curative in Indonesian, was founded with the intention to help people utilize the healing properties of crystals, stones and gems in their everyday life.

The company specializes in oil diffusor jewelry, beaded bracelets and mala necklaces all with certified natural gemstones and crystals, handmade in Bali for people of all ages.

In a recent launch sale, the company is offering these articles on great discounts with free shipping and everyone is being invited to place their order through the online shop kuratifmala.com

“We want to offer handmade healing and mindful jewelry at great prices, so people in all walks of life’s can enjoy it,” said the spokesperson of the brand. The company is offering special discounts on some of its bestselling items. “Kuratif’s jewelry may be used for meditation, prayer, yoga, healing, intention setting, oil diffusing or simply as a fashion statement,” the spokesperson of Kuratif added.

These stones not only look good, but have a significant value in the culture of Bali, the island where they originate. From Amazonite to Rose Quartz, each item is considered to have magical healing properties and, according to several legends, these stones, even protect the user against evil eye and several mental and physical ailments.

Kuratif offers a wholesale and distributor program for stores who want to feature their products. The company also supports fair trade and gives back to the community by donating a part of its profits to RAINN the rape, abuse, and incest national network. Furthermore, the aim of Kuratif Mala is to design unique beautiful jewelry and make it affordable so more people can benefit from the healing properties of nature.

For more information and to place orders online, please visit:

www.kuratifmala.com or email


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Company Name: Kuratif
Contact Person: Janna Lozowsky
Email: kuratifmalas@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: www.kuratifmala.com