Kululu Atsiaya is Inspiring The Humanity With His Advocacy For Change & Anti-Corruption Stance

In a Recently Published Autobiography, He Has Revealed His Entire Journey From Africa to The United States & Has Thanked The Great People of America For Supporting People Like Him

June 13, 2018 – Renowned author and speaker, Kululu Atsiaya had recently moved to the United States from Africa. He is basically from Nairobi, Kenya and while growing up, a lot of Americans helped him in every walk of life. The inspiring author is now thanking them for all the help they have given him and to his people in Africa. In his book and articles, he has expressed his immense gratitude for the great American people, who help underprivileged communities from around the world.

“I am thanking these people for all the help and support that they give to people like me from around the world.” said Kululu Atsiaya, while talking about the Americans, who supported him. “Followed by a life full of struggles and hardships in Africa, it feels great to be here in the United States and I will continue to advocate for my people in order to raise awareness and solve their problems.” he added. Born in Nairobi, Kululu has seen many testing times in his life and he is now emerging as an active advocate of change.

In addition to his advocacy for change, Kululu is also inspiring youth and especially the African youth as a role model. Moreover, he is also empowering individuals and working for the betterment of these communities at large. In his autobiography, he has taken is readers through the journey of his life against all odds and how he spent his entire childhood and teenage in a harsh slum on the outskirts of Nairobi. Furthermore, this book by Kululu is titled ‘The Corrosive Gulley: Corruption is a Way of Life’.

Now a proud American citizen under oath, Kululu is married and happily lives with his wife and two sons in Texas. Moreover, he is also a musician and avian life and anti-corruption activist, who has spoken openly against the corrupt practices going on in Africa.

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