Kind Deeds, a Nonprofit Organization, Brings War-Affected Soldiers From Ukraine To Provide Prosthetics And Rehabilitation

Kind Deeds, a Nonprofit Organization, Brings War-Affected Soldiers From Ukraine To Provide Prosthetics And Rehabilitation
Kind Deed, a nonprofit organization operational since February 2022, rented a house in Staten Island, NY, to host the soldiers and provide services, including prosthetics and rehab for Ukrainian soldiers who have been through the horrors of war. It also helps to evacuate Ukrainians and help with shelter, medicines, and food.

Kind Deeds, a New York-based nonprofit organization, has expanded its operations by providing prosthetics to wounded soldiers and civilians. The organization has a mission to assist the citizens of Ukraine who have suffered in this horrendous war, and to help as many people as possible to get back on their feet. 

Kind deeds has now formed a team of prosthetists and therapists to serve dozens of amputees from Ukraine for the next six months. Initially, two soldiers arriving from the war were hosted by a Ukrainian family in New York. 

The organization was able to rent a house in Staten Island, NY, to host the next group of Ukrainian soldiers that will be getting prosthetics and rehab. On Dec 6, 2022, Kind Deeds hosted a house grand opening named “The Kind Deeds Center.” The house will serve as a place that soldiers can call home while they receive prostheses and get rehabilitation. This has also given room for more volunteers to join the noble mission. With a dedicated place for the soldiers to stay, Kind Deeds will be able to help more wounded Ukrainians. Moreover, the clinics where the soldiers receive their prosthetics and rehab are located in New York City.

While meeting several members of Congress and the Senate in Washington D.C. two weeks ago, Kind Deeds presented its concerns and expressed gratitude to the US government in helping Ukraine as well as advocated its noble mission. With the support of government officials, Kind Deeds plans to help hundreds of injured soldiers and civilians from Ukraine. 

The key accomplishments of Kind Deeds include:

– Evacuated 1000s of civilians from Ukraine

– Successfully providing prosthetics and rehabilitation services to Ukrainian soldiers.

– Offering shelter, food, and medicines to the affected

– Supporting volunteers working in Ukraine

– Managed to rent a house in New York to host soldiers undergoing rehab

– From the beginning of the full invasion of Ukraine, civilians’ evacuation was conducted with the help of volunteers working with Kind Deeds. 

People from almost every field contributed their efforts to this evacuation process. From the evacuation of the civilians to the rehabilitation of the soldiers, the story of Kind Deeds should be brought to the limelight. Officials from the media are encouraged to visit the house in Staten Island, New York, to generate more awareness of the impact of the ruthless war.

About Kind Deeds:

Kind Deeds is a nonprofit organization that takes pride in being an organization helping the people of Ukraine and collecting donations to help those in need. The organization believes in creating an environment where people feel their lives are essential.

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