Kickstarter Campaign Underway for Orchard + Lee Project To Develop The World’s Most Versatile Plant

Orchard + Lex launch campaign on Kickstarter for their project to create the world’s most versatile pant.

Orchard + Lex, founded by athletes and business professionals Travis and Felix announced that their fundraiser is live on Kickstarter for participants to contribute towards their dream project. The duo is aiming to create the world’s most versatile pant that can be worn anywhere, anytime with supreme confidence and unmatched comfort.

“We are committed to creating a unique brand of pant that has no peers in terms of usability, comfort and functionality,” say the founders about their innovative project. “Orchard + Lee pant is made using a revolutionary fabric that guarantees highest level of comfort and flexibility. We have focused on the three F – Fit, Form and Function to create pants that do not fit into any specific category.”

Orchard + Lex pants are made from premium merino wool fabric that features a 2-way stretch and dry-fit technology. The pant can be worn for work, play and other activities as it is versatile. It is lightweight, water-resistant and moisture wicking. The pant is unique as it is multi-faceted and ready for active and casual use and is ideal to be worn for business situations as well.

The research team at the company worked hard for two years developing a fabric that combines form and function perfectly. They finally chose merino for the pant as it breathes in the summer and insulates in winter. Besides, the fabric is soft and lightweight. The sleek look design of the pants has been achieved by creatively combining high-performance tropical wool with a flat front slim fit chino.

To take the creativity and utility factor further, they then deepened and reinforced the pockets so that modern living must-haves such as cellphones and wallets can fit in effortlessly and can be carried around conveniently. The beautiful Italian cotton lining completes the stylish look superbly.

The makers have chosen premium merino wool fabric also for its ability to incorporate hydrophobic technology to wick moisture. The fabric has the ability to resist stains and water. Wearing Orchard + Lex is a great way to live life in a carefree manner without having to worry about keeping pants clean or about one’s comfort.

The makers are convinced that the wrinkle-free and easy to care pants will find favor among many men as the pants make looking good easy. It also has a nice, premium look but comes with an affordable price tag. The Orchard + Lex pants are available in Powder Blue, Stone Gray and Nitesky Maroon colors.

Travis and Felix have already queued up manufacturers to make sure that the production process gets off the ground as soon as the funding is successful and complete. The custom made fabric takes four months to be woven to perfection and meet their exacting standards.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $20,000 to fund the project within the deadline of 28 July, 2017.

About Orchard + Lex – The World’s Most Versatile Pant

Orchard + Lex is a project designed and developed by Travis and Felix to create the most versatile pant in the world. The pant made of premium natural merino wool comes with a 2-way stretch and dry-fit technology for providing the highest level of convenience, style and comfort.

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