Khalil Yousef Albatee is the title of a successful young man residing in Qatar

Khalil Yousef Hishim Albatee a Jordanian national. He is a Jordanian blogger and traveler who lives in Qatar. He proved to the Arab world, and to young people in particular, that a person can succeed in more than one job at the same time. Khalil has become a symbol of the successful expatriate youth. It is followed by hundreds of thousands and has become one of the providers of meaningful and beautiful content inside and outside Qatar. It provides special content about tourist places in Qatar, the Arab and foreign world, food places, the best restaurants, and the best places that Khalil visits during his trips to America, the Arab world, and soon to Europe. He conveys his own experience to the benefit of many young people inside and outside Qatar.

Khalil plans in the coming year for many media programs that will be filmed and directed by him, including a radio program entitled Khalil on the Road and an hour program with Khalil, and a YouTube program that traveled with Khalil, and the most expected program to be a breakthrough in the world of media and YouTube programs is its program (4 Foodies). Khalil said that he was able to overcome isolation and loneliness at the beginning of his life, with trust in God first and patience and work second, and that a person always strives to achieve his dream and prove himself to the world.





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