Kayla Freitas Has Shared Her Precious Old 1908 Yearbook and Went Viral

Kayla Freitas has shared her 1908 Leavenworth High School Yearbook and went viral on the internet. She has many collections of old yearbooks that she shared on her social media pages, such as YouTube and Tik Tok.

Recently, Kayla Freitas, an old yearbook collector, shared her 1908 Leavenworth High School Yearbook collection and went viral on Tik Tok, a social media platform for sharing and creating music videos. Her 1908 Leavenworth High School Yearbook flip over video has got up to 3.6 million views and many interests from the audience. It also revealed that Leavenworth High School, in Leavenworth, Kansas, also had black students in each class in 1908.

Kayla wants to share her old book collection to the world. She has many yearbook collections from the past and represents it by flipping over all pages on her social media pages. She said that her 1908 Leavenworth High School Yearbook is her extraordinary yearbook collection, as millions of people are curious about knowing the senior student named Florence Wiginton. In fact, Florence Wiginton was a black senior student at Leavenworth High School. It also revealed that in 1908, Kansas never legally mandated segregated high schools. Therefore, some schools are admitted students of different races.

Kayla Freitas’s Tik Tik 1908 Leavenworth High School Yearbook has proven that high school in Kansas was already integrated, decades before the Supreme Court ended school segregation. But in fact, according to Tik Tok users, it is illegal for schools to be integrated at the time. In addition to that statement, the Kansas Historical Society (KHS) clarified that the secondary schools were not officially segregated in the state (Kansas), except in Wyandotte County.

About Kayla Freitas

Kayla Freitas is one of the famous Tik Tok stars who currently gain over 121 thousand followers and 2.3 million likes. Her story of Florence Wiginton and her 1908 Leavenworth High School Yearbook was also featured on Daily Mail. She wanted the world to know her precious yearbook collections.

Therefore, she shared her old yearbook review collection from the past at her Tik Tok page @canyousignmyyearbook, and YouTube Channel www.CanYouSignMyYearbook.net.


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