Katio Landi, The Talent Never Exploded but Ready to Do It

In life there are often unpredictable conditions and situations that can totally change our lives. This is the story of Katio, promising Italian footballer of the 92nd minute who currently continues his career in Spain.

has always been considered an excellent talent, we tracked him down and interviewed him through one of our Spanish journalists present in the area. He is currently in Spain, precisely in the city of Sabadell continuing his football career in the city team (CE Sabadell) in the 2B Division.

“I’m fine here, I continue to fight for my ideals, even though I am aware that my career has been marked by something in my past, Sabadell is a great team, very popular in Spain, and although I have not been an absolute protagonist here, I have to thank the club enormously for giving me this great opportunity to return to a football pitch, I am happy, I fight and I will toner at my football level.”

, however, refused to answer the precise question of our journalist on what happened to his career, smiling mischievously he diverted the question and replied a clear: “Nothing”, even though he knew within himself that he had received injustices.

Meanwhile, from his instagram account instagram.com/katio and from the various sponsors we note that there is great appreciation for him, recently Nissan has focused on him for an official representation at the Champions League final in Madrid 2019, in addition to other famous sponsors who have come together for small collaborations with him thanks to his FilmSport TV agency.

But what we are sure of is that the tenacity and desire of this boy to fight against something bigger than him is very, very great, and is an example for all the people of this world. Never back down Katio.

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