JVN bets on \”radiant beauty\” for its latest line of prom dresses

The New York firm shocked the world of youth fashion with a commitment to extreme femininity and color that seems to enchant fashionistas and conservatives by even when it comes to choosing outfits for the biggest fashion event of the school year.

New York, U.S. – It is now possible to find JVN‘s 2019 collection in stores around the world, which they had promoted with a marketing ploy inspired by an era of body positivity and the voices of today’s generations. That is, in addition to the models wearing their prom dresses, the brand showed the face of teenage girls wearing spectacular sequin patterns on their social media accounts.

Adding to the trend to set new standards, JVN has decided that there is no better way to present its collection of prom dresses spring summer 2019 than fixing the attention on the young women who wear such garments and accessories for their special day at the end of each school year. An initiative that not only delights audiences – counting celebrities who have joined other models of the collection, as The Cheat Sheet reviews – but also the media.

On the other hand, with its designs, the fashion house made a fresh statement, where sequins become the favorite element for dresses for this prom season. According to its design director, the decision of strengthening the brightness of graduation gowns came from the need to show that beyond dress code, prom is a joyous occasion that emulates the night vibes of any metropolis. Also, as is the custom of the brand, the collection has a wide variety of cuts and sizes to pamper both the most conservative and the most daring profiles.

About JVN

JVN Fashions is based in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. It is a dressmaker and wholesaler brand that produces its own designs. JVN is also responsible for the advertising and marketing campaigns it holds. The team behind the brand include President, Chairman, and CEO, Saul Maslavi. Vice President, Director, and CFO, Abraham Maslavi, all experienced and devoted leaders managing the business operation. They control the affairs of the corporation to promote long-term shareholder value.

The high-couture empire is best known for making fashion-forward and classic designs that women all over the world admire. With the growth of the eveningwear market, JVN has also continued to expand its collection to a broader audience.

The novelties of the season

For the leader of the firm Saul Maslavi, this year, the season brought new airs and a range of ideas, where different trends were intertwined and embraced in the same collection. Even totally radical styles. Thus, the team behind the proposal shows once again that modern fashion lies not on imposing trends but in encouraging self-expression. JVN is currently aiming to become the leading exponent of prom fashion.

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