Justin Gesso\’s New Book Becomes International Success and Best Seller

October 3, 2016 – Greeley, Colorado, United States – There is more to life than punching the clock and being a cog within “Corporate America.” And Justin Gesso’s new best-selling book, “Leave the Grind Behind” helps explain how success-minded people can forge their own path as they pursue a better, more satisfying life.

This book is packed with actionable information and real-world experiences that will help readers learn how they can truly find success as they pursue their passions. It is ideal for anyone who is ready to make more money, gain more freedom, and live life on their own terms.

There are a lot of self-help and get-rich-quick books on the market, but Leave the Grind Behind provides a much more reliable and practical approach. Rather than giving high-level overviews or catchy quotes, it focuses on providing people the tools they will need on a daily and weekly basis to achieve outstanding results.

I hope this book convinces you to leave the grind behind and start a life in which you drive the results,” said Gesso. “A life in which you earn money via multiple channels, are in control of your time, do things you enjoy, and leave a legacy that makes you proud.”

Leave the Grind Behind has been included on numerous #1 Best Seller lists and has become a “Hot New Release” on Amazon.

For more information, visit: https://grindbehindbook.com/

About Justin Gesso

#1 international bestselling author Justin Gesso had a good run in corporate America before making the leap to working at the ground-level of multi-million-dollar startups. Justin spent over a decade refining the principles in Leave the Grind Behind, reading hundreds of books and working with some of the best professional and personal coaches in the world. He has been featured in The Huffington Post, Lifehack, Big Time Startups, InvestFourMore, Leadership Master Academy, inPulse, and Zapier. Justin maintains a personal life rich in family, spirit, happiness, health, and community.

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