Jucer Offers EV Starter Bundle 7 kW At Discount Rates

For first-time EV owners, Jucer offers an EV starter bundle 7 kW at discounted rates. The bundle is compatible with type 2 sockets of BMW, BYD, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Nissan, Porsche, Jaguar, Holden, Tesla, Renault, Volvo, Mazda, Volvo, Honda, Volkswagen, and more.

The EV starter bundle 7 kW from Jucer includes –

  • Type 2 coiled EV Cable – Suitable with every Type 2 charging port and vehicle inlets. The MENNEKES cable, when plugged in tightens because of its coiled structure thus reducing cable slack and freeing up space. 

The stretch operates are -30°to high 50°C. It is designed from durable, strong, and deterioration-free material. It handles bumps and knocks because the 5m cable is reinforced and insulated for reliable, fast, easy, and robust connection to a Pure EV and PHEV inlet. 

  • EV Type 1 to 2 Charging Adapter – Jucer offers is designed to be compatible with both kinds of charging stations. Previously, the type 2 charging cables were not compatible with type 1 charging ports. The EV Type 1 to 2 Charging Adapter allows the EV owners to charge with different plug standards at publicly accessible powering station outlets. 

The type 1 to type 2 adapters is also called type 2 sockets to type 1 plug. It operates in low and high temperatures. It is a great Jucer product for reliable, rapid, strong, and simple connection to BEV and PHEV. The cable is strong and insulated with a length of 5 m. The purchase accompanies 24 months guarantee from Jucer. 

  • Type 2 Portable EV Charger – The bundle also includes Portable 2.4kW/10a charger for Type 2 sockets. This is an excellent accessory that allows drivers or car owners to charge their vehicle even if they are unable to reach a conventional charging station.

Jucer even offers a $35 discount on an EV starter bundle of 22 kW including a charger of 22 kW and type 1 to 2 – charging adapters. The EV charging essential bundle of 22 kW and 7 kW is offered by slashing off $50 from the actual cost. The bundle includes a type 2 portable charger, a type 2 coiled charger cable [7 kW or 22 kW of 5m], and a type 1 to 2 adaptor [7 kW or 22 kW]. 

Jucer even offers to charge station solutions for commercial, residential, industrial, and hospitality premises. As EVs are evolving there is a need for more and more EV charging facilities because of the short supply of charging stations in NZ and Australia.

Jucer is a registered trading company fervent about EV technology. Their office is in Australia and their manufacturing unit is based in China. All Jucer products exceed Australia and New Zealand’s EESS and ERAC standards they even carry certification from TUV & CE. The vehicle charging accessories are designed for both BEV and PHEV. Using JUCER accessories, EV owners are free from past fuel-driven car constraints. 

Jucer connectors, adapters, and portable chargers are shipped via Australia Post in support of the carbon credits purchased for parcel deliveries.

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