Jordan Freewood \”Keep Pushing\” jumps to the Top

“Jordan Freewood (c) 2016 Fat Vibes Music”
It comes with no surprise, that Jordan Freewood´s producer Steve Erinle of Fat Vibes Music in Frankfurt made sure, that the new single “Keep Pushing” is packed with several Dance Mixes from Vocal House, Electro House, Techno House to Deep House styles (5 Mixes available). Jordan´s current single “Keep Pushing” jumps this month up to 8 in the Top40 Pop Charts on Spinreports, tracking all genres of music.

It was not too long before, german shooting star Jordan met up with his present producer Steve Erinle of Fat Vibes Music, who realised the potential of this young and raw talent, was not only impressed about his talent and passion for music, but also his work ethic and the fact that they both shared the same music taste and views regard styling and image. The previous release of Jordan Freewood “SOS Emergency” peaked on several charts and gained worldwide attention especially on international music magazines, US-Sampler and News Media Sites.

This new single Keep Pushing from Jordan Freewood is a House track,unlike his previous releases which ranged from 2step, Pop RnB, this track here is purely dedicated to the lovers of Electronic Dance Music, with a simple message to always strive forward and never giving up on your goals and dreams, never backing down no matter what. Especially for the US-Radio campaigns, Jordans producer Steve Erinle and awarded Musicpromoter and Member of The Grammy Recording Academy® -Guney Durmus- of DjMp3Promotion decideded to publish the Future House Club Mix.

A few weeks later, the Future House Mix peaked on #8 in the Top40 of US – Spinreports next to Justin Bieber or raising US-Star JoPaul. The Bjoern Mulik Remix also obtained many positive votes and comments from Radio – and Club Djs worldwide, as already introduced, the single release is packed with impressive Mixes. Jordan said: “It´s just unbelievable, I am overwhelmed that my single not only jumps from 0 to 8, but also achieves more than 90,000 views just in a few weeks”. Multitalent Jordan produced the videoclip to his current single on his own, bringing in some modern elements of futuristic styles and contemporary sounds.

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