John Spencer Ellis – the All-rounder Entrepreneur Coach’s YouTube Channel, dedicated to growing successful Lifestyle Businesses

Orange County, California – February 9, 2019 – John Spencer Ellis is an entrepreneur coach. His expertise helps businesses create effective business strategies, improve wealth accumulation on a long-term basis and get more leads, globally. John Spencer Ellis’ business includes SEO (search engine optimization) enhancement and develops a lifestyle for people who want more fulfilling and enriching lives.

John Spencer Ellis’ bio is impressive – he is a man of many hats with vast experiences which are sought after in over 20 industries. He is a life-long serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, best-selling author, coach, mentor, mastermind facilitator, and lifestyle strategist. In the years, John Spencer Ellis found his niches which are fitness, personal development, and martial arts industries. However, he now helps people in over 20 industries.

With numerous industries seeking his services to charge growth, John Spencer Ellis’ business got an extension via his YouTube channel. The videos to be featured are in line with John’s professional-subjects, with topics that include entrepreneurship, business, marketing, advertising, Facebook marketing, entrepreneurial travel, personal branding, PR, publicity, SEO, social media, investments, lifestyle design and more. With this channel, which is an inevitable extension of John’s expertise and passion, he hopes to grow more business that are successful and which, in turn, would help entrepreneurs lead an improved life with lower overhead and enjoy more visibility and freedom by taking their business online.

John says, “Most people want to live an extraordinary life and help as many people as possible. They want to make a positive impact in the world while having fun every day. They need the guidance, support, and experience to make it a reality, and this channel will provide just that.”

Over 100K people follow John Spencer Ellis on his social media – the videos will significantly enhance this powerful online presence. Videos and interviews with other creators who share the professional and work ethics of John Spencer Ellis will also be featured.

John Spencer Ellis hopes to drive, inspire, motivate, and entertain people by his videos, spreading the wisdom to have a better life to those who seek it. And, he believes that this channel would be a catalyst for that to manifest.

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