Jiangsu Yangjie Runau Semiconductor Succeed To Develop High Power Bidirectional Thyristor

The bidirectional thyristor is made of N-P-N-P-N five-layer semiconductor material and three electrodes lead out. The bidirectional thyristor is equivalent to the inverse parallel connection of two unidirectional thyristors but only one control pole.

The volt-ampere characteristic curve of the bidirectional thyristor is symmetrical.

The positive and negative characteristics of the bidirectional thyristor is symmetrical, and it can be conducted in any direction, so it’s an ideal AC switching device.

The bidirectional thyristor, is like the unidirectional thyristor, has the trigger control characteristics, but there is a big difference. No matter what polarity voltage is connected between the anode and the cathode, as long as a trigger pulse is added to its control electrode regardless of the polarity of the voltage, the bidirectional thyristor can be conducted directly. And for this means there is no distinction between anode and cathode of the two main electrodes of the bidirectional thyristor. And there is no difference between the positive peak voltage and the reverse peak voltage but only one maximum peak voltage. The other parameters of the bidirectional thyristor are the same as the unidirectional thyristor. Usually the main electrode connected to the P-type semiconductor material is called the T1 electrode, and the electrode connected to the N-type semiconductor material is called the T2 electrode. And the two main electrodes of the bidirectional thyristor have no difference between positive and negative.

At present, Yangjie Runao Semiconductor had successfully developed 1300A 4500V, 1060A 6500V, 135A 8500V bidirectional thyristor with years of mature production experience and the dedicated research and development of the technical team. The parameter indicators have reached the world level, and the domestic substitution of similar products can be realized so far. The performance was qualified by end user and highly satisfaction was achieved by customers.

In future, the company will continue to develop more high-power bidirectional thyristor in order to provide our global partners with more commercial solutions and create more value, furthermore to make the world trust China semiconductors.

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