Jeff Christensen Seegrid VP Shares the Importance of Preparing the Workforce to Collaborate with Self-Driving Robots

Jeff Christensen, Seegrid vice president of product, recently spoke with Supply Chain Digital about how automation will affect the workforce of tomorrow. According to Christensen, technology today is being developed at a faster pace than ever, with the goal of making processes more efficient and safe. Although many in today’s workforce are concerned about how the introduction of robots is going to affect jobs, the collaboration between automated robotics and humans can and should be mutually beneficial.

“Seegrid works with customers to train their frontline men and women to be the first generation of automated robotics operators, supporting the transition to a robotics-integrated workforce, which ultimately enables companies to be more productive and makes human employees more valuable,” noted Christensen.

Christensen added that the new roles created by automating materials handling operations do not require a Ph.D. in computer science or an engineering degree. The human operators carry their prior knowledge of industrial vehicles into their new roles; this experience proves invaluable because they know the vehicles better than anyone else and have travelled the same paths as the vision guided vehicles (VGVs) themselves. But these new roles still require training to learn new skill sets.

Seegrid’s Robotics Training Program empowers employees to contribute to higher value-add jobs. The program up-levels manufacturing employees’ capabilities and helps develop new skill sets as robot fleet managers. Held once a month for new customers, the program is a two-day experience at the headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, where operators are taught the ins and outs of the self-driving VGVs (vision guided vehicles).

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