Jawad Hasnain a.k.a. Joe Hasnain uplifts the face of philanthropy in Pakistan

With his numerous charity and humanitarian projects Jawad Hasnain a.k.a. Joe Hasnain has contributed a lot to the philanthropy work in Pakistan. He has supported various philanthropic and nonprofit organisations in the country that work towards the betterment of people in need. He has inspired many of the volunteers to reach out to people living in remote communities with no or limited access to the basic needs. Hasnain has supported many communities through education and by organising projects that include provisions of clean water supply, healthcare services, power supply, technological needs and housing support.

Pakistan is much affected by terrorism, bad economic conditions and lack of education facilities to everyone which is why the need of philanthropic leaders is much necessary. There have been several organisations such as the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) dedicated to working towards the improvement in the lives of the citizens and overall situations in the country but they can only do so much. PCP, established in 2001, works with a vision to engage the three sectors of society-business, civil and government to work together in a strong partnership for overall social development in Pakistan. The work of such organisations surely gets uplifted with the support of philanthropists like Jawad Hasnain.

“The lives of people living in Pakistan can only be improved if the people from other parts of the world come together and contribute towards change in the country. Any kind of support, whether in terms of a humanitarian project or financial is much helpful in improving the lives of those in need”, says Hasnain in a statement. In the past few years, there has been an increase in volunteers, from Pakistan and now residential Pakistanis as well, supporting social and economic betterment in the country. “The best way to bring a change in the society is to bring awareness. There is a constant need to inform people about the importance of education, proper health services, and career options so that they can work for themselves too, while getting support from others”, Jawad adds further. 

Jawad urges the financially sound sector of the society to come forward and be involved in more philanthropic causes. He believes it is the utmost responsibility of a human being to help and support those in need if they are blessed with the resources. In the future as well, he is planning to be involved in more philanthropical projects in Pakistan and uplift the lives of the citizens.

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