IV2 Hosts a Successful 10k Run with the local Long Beach Running Club to Prep for the LA Marathon

IV2 hostes a successful 10k run with Long Beach Running Club, hydrating 80 runners with the zero-sugar electrolyte IV2 for the LA Marathon.

IV2 Group Inc., a zero-sugar electrolyte drink mix company of IV2, is proud to announce the success of their inaugural 10k run in collaboration with the Long Beach Running Club held on March 10, 2024. This event brought together approximately 80 enthusiastic runners who were hydrated by IV2 as they prepared for the upcoming Los Angeles Marathon.

The event, which took place in Long Beach, CA, hydrated runners with the refreshing and hydrating benefits of IV2, a zero-sugar, amino acid-based electrolyte drink developed by military doctors. IV2 is designed to enhance muscle recovery and provide energy boost, making it the perfect hydration solution for endurance athletes.

The 10k run was more than just a preparation for the LA Marathon; it was a community-building event that offered participants a chance to receive valuable running tips from the running coach, Leiana Ronelle, hydrate with IV2, and even receive special IV2 branded gifts such as T-shirts, towels, socks, and more.

The event’s success highlighted the growing popularity and effectiveness of IV2 as a Next Level Hydration for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. “We are thrilled with the turnout and the positive feedback from the participants,” said Aaron Lee, CEO of IV2 Group Inc. “This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the benefits of IV2 and to support the local running community as they prepared for the LA Marathon.”

IV2 Group Inc. is committed to promoting health and wellness through their innovative hydration solutions. By partnering with the Long Beach Running Club, they were able to reach a broader audience and demonstrate the effectiveness of their product in a real-world setting.

About IV2 Group Inc.

IV2 Group Inc. is dedicated to providing quality hydration for athletes and active individuals. Their product, IV2, is a zero-sugar, amino acid-based electrolyte developed by military doctors. IV2 is designed to enhance muscle recovery, boost energy, and provide Next Level Hydration with its precise ratio of Amino Acids and essential ingredients in the AAA Formula™.Well-known for muscle recovery and energy boost, Amino Acids make up 40% in just one packet of IV2, calling it the Amino Acid-based ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution). This precise ratio of Amino Acids and essential ingredients of our AAA Formula™ effectively hydrates and replenishes without the use of sugar.

For more information about IV2 and to learn more about their products, please visit www.iv2-hydration.com or follow them on Instagram.

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