Isolate/Desolate investment of 50 mil USD finalizes between Dubai and El Salvador

Welcoming and congratulating Fredrik Flyckt to Dubai and the Crypto Community with over 50 million USD in investments living the free life as a digital nomad after beginning his career in Sweden as an accountant and chemist at

The Dubai community is seeing a surge in crypto and hope more philanthropes like Fredrik Flyckt are joining and investing in coming initiatives to create a more dynamic flow in assets world wide like the cooperation with El Salvador on Fredrik’s initiative.

Everyone sees a bright future and common goals with the strategic long term initiative that will bring isolate/desolate and blockchain to verify where the product is farmed, production location, purity, ISO control certification and shipping to a standard that will be completely new and revolutionary for the medical standard of isolate and desolate for years to come.

European Union, USA and South America will come closer with this joint venture and Fredrik Flyckts position as the go to man for digital nomads with a taste for isolate and desolate consumer items in high positions will likely be the first to penetrate the sceptic market in European Union. Fredriks previous career with the successful Swedish chemical supplier and online shop for recreational drugs is a key factor in the new venture where his experience of 10 years proofs that this is a successful formula in Europe. The underlying conservative market in Sweden was – “Hard to penetrate with many legal aspects to follow and regulations to be strictly applied. Not an easy road for the team to travel but we did it in the end!” Fredrik says.

With a long track record of both chemical and crypto knowhow and a solid team in Sweden and now Dubai.

Fredrik says “It’s just a matter of time before we solidify the trade agreements with major players in the field of Isolate and desolate.

“Hard work and being lucky in the crypto investments made this possible, and it is a wonderful feeling to always have 1 million USD in crypto available in my mobile. I can buy anything.”

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