Introducing DirEqual, a Newly Launched Utility Tool that Helps Mac Users to Compare Files and Folders in a Quick and Efficient Manner

The tool provides an efficient means to detect changes in files and folders on a Macbook computer

Naarak Studio, a macOS development team is pleased to announce its latest innovation to its lineup of macOS tools, DirEqual. The utility tool is an advanced directory comparison utility tool for Mac. DirEqual makes it possible to detect the tiniest changes between folders and display the result in a clear and intuitive way. The differences after the comparison are highlighted using colors and icons showing the difference in type, size, date, or item content.

Security is a major concern for MacBook users. Several reports of malware attacks have been reported by Mac users in recent times and being able to detect changes in files and folders is crucial in lessening the effect of malware attacks and ending their progress into one’s device. Conducting a full scan to identify changes in Mac files and folders can be frustrating and exhausting but with DirEqual, Mac users can conduct these scans and get comprehensive highlights of changes that have been made to their files and folders.

“With the launch of our new utility tool, Mac users can now easily and efficiently detect changes in their files and folders, giving them peace of mind and added security for their digital assets,” said Martin Suriyo, CEO of Naarak Studio. “Our utility tool scans files and folders on a Mac and displays a concise report to the user of any changes, whether it’s a new file being added, a modification being made, or a deletion. This allows Mac users to stay in control of their digital assets and quickly identify any suspicious activity. The tool is easy to use and offers a comprehensive view of changes made over time, making it a valuable addition to any Mac user’s toolset.”

DirEqual is a handy tool for users to compare their archives of music, photos and documents and to detect and supplement those files that are new or changed. It displays compared directories side by side as expandable trees, and the size and date are indicated for each item. Differences between the directories are indicated with color and easy-to-identify icons. To copy or delete files or folders, users need to click an individual item to choose the appropriate action. The action is represented with a red or blue arrow. Next, they click “Execute” to proceed and “Synchronize” to mirror the folders.

Some features of DirEqual include:

  1. Side-by-side folder comparison
  2. Compare files and binary files by contents
  3. Mirror synchronization of compared folders
  4. Compare items based on a filename template
  5. Intuitive graphical comparison result view0
  6. Tabbed window
  7. Drag and drop support
  8. Context menu for items
  9. Store/Restore all options and settings

DirEqual requires macOS 10.13 or later. It is fully compatible with macOS Monterey and Apple silicon chips. For more information about DirEqual and to download, please visit

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