Introducing Bank Loans Support Service at Hotrovaytiennganhang.Com

Who are we?

We have established our own nationwide mortgage loan advisory system to help you get the lowest interest rate . We will base on each customer condition to advise the lowest interest rate and closest to your needs.

The service is completely free – professional – fast


– Support customers with real needs of loans

– Customer benefits are always the first


Why should you choose us?

Do you know that applications have been reviewed through several evaluations and are very vulnerable to “REJECTING” for a variety of reasons.

The general process for all parties is as follows:

– Counselor records and receives documents

– Submit staff to the system

– The appraisal department checks the papers calling to appraise the house, the company, the salary … (there are some parties such as Prudential or VP Fe Credit will have the appraisal staff directly at home and company …)

– Browse loans and disburse.

In all the above steps, the importance step is to submit the file to the system and call verification. In the process of preparing the document, if there is a document (usually a labor contract, a certificate of temporary residence, a house without a license plate, etc.) with conflicting information,  the appraisal will refuse to lend. Moreover, If the customer who is suffering from high debt by CIC,  is denied when submits the application, he / she will usually have to wait 2-6 months to re-apply. The second step often being denied is to make a call. Additionally, unsecured loans usually are consumer loans so they only serve the purpose of borrowing to build a house, to buy a car … if during the appraisal process, the appraisal party knows that the purpose of the customer is a business loan or a loan repayment, the loan will be refused. And there are many other reasons …

We met a lot of customers who thought that when registering online with the bank’s website, it would be avoided by counselors and cheated … But in the end, the application still was rejected. Although all conditions are satisfy.

In order to avoid being rejected for unnecessary reasons, you should call us, your application will be consulted directly processed (without intermediaries, intermediaries). Loan amount is maximum. Consulting support for making documents and the appraisal process are free. Furthermore, we will help customers carry out the minor problems that they can’t handle.

To be sure that you will not dare to hand over the documents to inexperienced consultants. We have a system of national consultants with professionally trained experience that will give you complete peace of mind.


Our partner:

It is not easy to get a loan from 25 to 30 times the salary, especially large loans that will involve the appraisal process and go to the CIC (state bank information system), when the customer have an active loan, they cannot be borrowed anymore. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional with good skills, ability to handle documents and a wide relationship to handle loans as desired. We have experience handling more than 300 customers with loan needs exceeding 10 times their salary, so you can be assured.





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