Innovation, Exchange and Development | 2023 NHU High-Quality Development Forum for Vitamins and Amino Acids

As global animal husbandry advances, the feed market has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Consumer concerns about food safety have grown, leading to a rising demand in the market for organic, eco-friendly, premium, and nutritious animal feed. The feed industry is in dire need of technological innovations to make new strides in animal nutrition.

The 2023 NHU High-Quality Development Forum for Vitamins and Amino Acids took place on November 2nd in Weifang, Shandong. Over 200 participants, including customers, partners, and technical and marketing experts from across the country, convened to explore the latest advancements in the vitamins, amino acids, and animal nutrition industries. Mr. Hu Baishan, the Vice Chairman and President of the company, was in attendance and delivered a speech.


During his speech, Mr. Hu Baishan extended a warm welcome to all partners and experts. He emphasized that NHU considers product quality as its core principle, prioritizes customer and market requirements, and, through ongoing technological advancements and process innovations, offers a wide range of animal nutrition solutions to meet customer needs. He emphasized the collaborative efforts with customers to tackle industry challenges and advance the high-quality development of the vitamin and amino acid industry.

Product Launch

Dr. Jiang Zhirong introduced the natural D-calcium pantothenate during the product launch session. This new product is the result of a collaborative effort between NHU and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is scheduled for industrial production in May 2023. In contrast to products derived from chemical raw materials, this production method utilizes renewable resources as its raw materials and employs biological fermentation technology. This process is eco-friendly and sustainable, resulting in products that are on par with those from natural sources. It will play a crucial role in helping customers achieve dual advancements in environmental conservation and economic gains, making a significant contribution to the pursuit of dual carbon targets.

Dr. Hou Yu presented the company’s first rumen bypass product, known as “rumen bypass methionine”. This product boasts a high methionine content and effective rumen protection. It ensures efficient and long-lasting release in the small intestine, with outstanding processing stability and rigorous quality control measures to maintain product excellence. Extensive research and testing have shown that this product can enhance dairy quality, milk production, reproductive performance, immunity, and more. It is particularly well-suited for ruminants during the early and peak lactation phases. In the future, NHU will continue to enhance its range of rumen bypass products to increase feed efficiency and boost ruminant production performance, thus contributing to the thriving growth of the breeding industry.

Keynote Presentations

Dr. Zhang Lei outlined the objectives and primary focus areas of the NHU Vitamin Seminar (NVC) during the presentation session. NVC serves as an all-encompassing and structured platform dedicated to evaluating, utilizing, and disseminating knowledge about vitamin products. Its primary goal is to offer customers comprehensive technical assistance, supporting them in ensuring product quality, elevating their products’ competitiveness in the market, and driving acceleration in the feed industry.

Dr. Zhang Ruohan presented a report on the technological advancements observed in feed vitamin products. He discussed the unique production characteristics of raw materials for feed vitamins, the evolving landscape of vitamin premixed feed products, and shared insights from the application of micronutrients. He emphasized that among the various segments of the feed industry’s dual circulation model, feed additives stand out as particularly promising. Looking ahead, he predicted that vitamins and trace elements will lead the way in precision applications for many years.

Dr. Gong Yangyang provided an overview of the biological functions and potential applications of taurine, especially in animal production. The research team at NHU Nutrition Research Institute, led by Dr. Gong, conducted specific research and found that taurine yields beneficial results in areas such as aquaculture, piglets, laying hens, and broilers. NHU, with its foundation in organic synthesis technology, capitalizes on years of experience in production processes, industry knowledge, and management excellence within the realm of animal nutrition. After extensive technological research and development, rigorous technical testing, and numerous experiments, NHU has achieved a firm grasp of the high-quality taurine manufacturing process, along with securing multiple patents domestically and internationally.

Liu Xiaomin presented an in-depth overview of the techniques and procedures for utilizing testing instruments and equipment. She also conducted expert analyses on vitamins, methionine, and certain pigments. NHU annually assembles research teams specializing in addressing challenging testing technologies to conquer a range of testing obstacles, ultimately enhancing product quality and offering testing support to partners and downstream customers.


After the presentations, the experts attentively responded to the questions raised by the audience and participated in dynamic discussions, centered on the practical application of the product and the report’s content. This fostered an engaging and vibrant atmosphere at the event.

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