About InnoPlus

InnoPlus which is based in California, relies on the prowess of the American technology to deliver products that are durable and of a high quality. The company specializes in the manufacturing of portable chargers. The company also prides in delivering products that possess an aesthetic appeal, coupled with the need to meet customer satisfaction.  

The products manufactured by InnoPlus makes use of Qualcomm charging technology. This charging technology which is also referred to as quick charge 3.0, ensures that the devices produced by InnoPlus charges as fast as possible.

The Best Car Charger

The InnoPlus car charger has so many features that makes it stand out as the best car charger. InnoPlus car charger is used to power mobile devices and ensure that you maximize the power made available by your car, enabling you to stay connected to the world without having a flat battery on any of your mobile devices. An important feature of the InnoPlus charger is its use of “Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0”. A quick charge 3.0 car charger ensures that your charger is able to power your devices faster, as compared to other car chargers. 

InnoPlus offers the best car charger that you can find. It is regarded as the best as a result of the many advantages it actually possesses, as compared to other car chargers you would find. 

Product Details


Price: $19.99

Available on Amazon at $19.99

Key Features: 

Universal Compatibility

Several devices are able to work with the InnoPlus charger, because the charger is highly compatible, enabling it to be used in charging several devices, irrespective of the product manufacturer.

  • Faster Charging: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charges devices up to 80% in just 35 minutes. Deliver the fastest possible charge to all non-Quick Charge devices. 

The faster charging capability ensures that your devices can get fully charged within a short period of time.  The time of commute between your home and your work place can provide you with the desired charge you need for your devices, once you get the InnoPlus charger.

  • Double the Charge: Dual ports pump out 36W. Enough power to charge power-hungry USB devices at full speed 

Each USB port of the car charger gives a power output of 18W each, and a combined output of 36W. This can only be achieved by a durable car charger, and that is why the best is recommended for you.

  • Premium Design: Ultra-compact build, Dual USB QC3.0 ports, soft LED light, and an aluminum sleek finish. 

The premium design of this charger ensures that it is appealing to all those who come across it, enabling it to fit into the aesthetic taste of several customers.

The soft LED light of this charger also helps for good visibility when in use, especially when you need to locate the charger, when there is a need to disconnect it from its charging port.

The additional features, and many other advantages of the InnoPlus charger earlier mentioned, enables InnoPlus car charger to be regarded as the best car charger. 

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