Industry 4.0 Journey Only Possible with MES Empowerment According to Jason Spera of Aegis Software

Industry 4.0 Journey Only Possible with MES Empowerment According to Jason Spera of Aegis Software

Jason Spera, CEO and Co-Founder, Aegis Software was recently featured in Manufacturing Today magazine. Spera discussed the key to success on the Industry 4.0 journey is a holistic MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). Read the full article here.

According to Spera, MES empowers operators to leverage specialized manufacturing insight without taking excessive time for cross-training, quickly establishing a high level of team-wide flexibility. When surveyed, more than 90% of leading manufacturers said that cross-trained operators were instrumental in achieving flexibility.

Without MES, factories are left with a gap that inhibits Industry 4.0 innovation. Project management and engineering will lack crucial insight into equipment and process productivity, leaving the factory disconnected. According to an LNS Research survey, only 20% of manufacturers properly fill the MES gap. For many manufacturers, instituting MES applications is the ideal starting point on an Industry 4.0 journey.

Regardless of the area in which a manufacturer chooses to begin the Industry 4.0 journey, each key element of digital innovation — IIoT connectivity, smart applications, and advanced analytics — will eventually have a critical role to play.

As momentum around the Connected Factory continues to build, manufacturers are intently focused on reaching Industry 4.0. To reap the full benefits of the Connected Factory, it is critical that today’s manufacturers approach Industry 4.0 as a journey.

C-Level executives need to understand the vision for Industry 4.0 and how the approach will shift the company’s business processes. Strategic objectives must be developed to guide and monitor the implementation process. Without an agreed-upon strategy and C-Level sponsorship of the plan, enterprise-wide transformation cannot occur.

Manufacturing Today magazine helps executives at the senior boardroom and production levels stay abreast of the most important operational issues in this dynamic market.

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