Indian Startup Disrupts Solar Power Storage in India

Lately, the incidence of fires due to tubular lead acid batteries has been on the rise in India. According to a report published on ZeeNews, sometimes batteries are in such bad condition that they can even cause explosions or fire. It is no wonder that both families and factories have been looking for a safer and more reliable power generation option. Thankfully, Su-vastika, an Indian startup specializing in producing lithium-ion battery-powered Battery Energy Storage Solutions, has replaced tubular lead acid battery products with much safer and more convenient lithium-ion battery inverters. 

Su-vastika is mentored by Kunwer Sachdev, an entrepreneur, marketer, innovator, motivational speaker, thinker, and leader. He revolutionized the power backup sector in India with innovative and user-friendly products that made India-made inverters a household name not just in India but also in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asian countries, including Bangladesh and Nepal. Due to his contributions to the inverter/UPS and solar sector, he is also referred to as ‘The Inverter Man of India,’ “Lithium Man of India,” and ‘The Solar Man of India.’


Here are some of the recent places where the company has implemented its Battery Energy Storage Solution.

1. Wipro (Pune):

Wipro, a prominent Indian IT company, has implemented a 15 KVA Su-vastika Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) powered by lithium batteries at their Pune headquarters in an effort to promote sustainable energy practices.

The 15 KVA backup power source now supplies the Pune office of Wipro with the means to operate workstations, lighting, and critical IT equipment.

Furthermore, Wipro anticipates substantial electricity bill savings through the reduction of dependence on diesel generators. By implementing the Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) from Su-vastika, Wipro is attaining substantial cost savings, enhanced operational efficiency, and a reduction in its environmental footprint.

The zero switching time of Su-vastika’s BESS eliminates interruptions and the requirement for Wipro’s IT equipment (computers, printers, CCTV cameras, etc.) to restart in the event of a power outage; this guarantees uninterrupted operation and prevents data loss. The Su-vastika BESS is powered by lithium batteries, which are also produced under quality control at Su-vastika’s factory in Gurgaon. 

2. Vadodara Family

Mr. Nikhil Patel, proprietor of a bungalow located in Vadodara, Gujarat, has recently converted from a diesel generator to a 30 KVA lithium energy storage system. His residence features a Centralized Air Conditioning system, lifts, refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, water motors, washing machines, and more. With the assistance of the 30 KVA 3-Phase Energy Storage System, the entire bungalow is powered. Mr. Patel discovered, subsequent to the installation of the system, that there were no power outages occurring in his vicinity, as the battery ESS provided continuous power, and he was not informed of any power outages. It used to take his air conditioning system, which utilized VRV technology, over ten minutes to activate the chilling function. This resulted in considerable power wastage and inconvenience for him. Additionally, the process of turning on and off the televisions, lights, and other sensitive equipment in the house would require more than five minutes while someone went to activate the generator.

3. Airia Mall, Gurugram

This flagship installation exemplifies the state-of-the-art technology of Su-vastika: a lithium-battery-powered 20 KVA Lift UPS. This installation signifies a noteworthy achievement for Su-vastika, underscoring their proficiency in Lift UPS technology powered by lithium batteries. This critical safety concern is addressed by the Emergency Rescue Device (ERD), also referred to as the Lift Inverter by Su-vastika. The Lift UPS with lithium batteries from Su-vastika presents a persuasive resolution for guaranteeing the dependability of elevators and ensuring the safety of passengers in multi-story buildings and commercial complexes. With its advanced static switches and technology, the Su-vastika Lift Inverter/UPS provides instantaneous backup and guarantees zero interruption and darkness in the event of a power outage while transporting the passenger to the desired floor. 

4. Bhakti Windsor Society, Kalyan

Su-vastika has successfully implemented the inaugural lift inverter solution powered by lithium-ion batteries in the city of Mumbai. This cutting-edge technology provides facility managers and building occupants in the bustling metropolis with an array of advantages. Introducing the First Lift Inverters in Mumbai Powered by Lithium-ion Batteries, Featuring a Centralized Lighting System and a Common Watering Pumping System. The elevator emergency rescue device, lift inverter, or elevator UPS ensures uninterrupted lift operation during power outages or interruptions.

Su-vastika’s Energy Storage System (ESS), also known as the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with Lithium-ion Battery, is a Capacity/Heavy load UPS powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. It is capable of storing energy obtained from the electric grid or any renewable energy source and subsequently delivering that energy when required. Green revolution in Indian hospitality: the first hotel powered by lithium-ion batteries (Suvastika, 2019).

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