If Bike is Commute Transport, Airwheel C5 Smart Bike Helmet is an Indispensable Equipment

Airwheel C5 smart helmet is made from high-quality material and adopts unibody technique. Therefore, it owns much better toughness, intensity and shock resistance, which will protect the head safety to the best. The unique ventilation system gives riders comfortable experience. Besides protecting function, it is also a camera, monitor and microphone.

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In order to avoid traffic jam and crowded public transportations, many people would like to select bike as their commute transport on workdays. After all, it needs much small parking space that private car. It is well know that there are so many vehicles and passersby on road in rush hours. How could riders keep safe? They need an equipment and its name is Airwheel C5 smart helmet. It is a great helmet that gives riders the best protection. However, it is never a simple helmet. It has much more excellent functions.

C5 intelligent helmet

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is made from high-quality material. On the basis of advanced unibody technique, it has much better toughness, intensity and shock resistance. Meanwhile, it also adopts unique ventilation system. As a whole, C5 gives head both high safety and comfortable feel.

 C5 smart bike helmets

However, it has much more functions. It is a high-definition camera that can shoot clear pictures and videos, which benefits from high-performance lens. On people’s way to go to work or go back home, they can take pictures or videos just by a slight click on the helmet. At the same time, the built-in WI-FI modular can be connected the Hotspot of the phone and people can share them via network platform anytime and anywhere.

What if there is a call coming when riding? People just need to press the answering button on Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets lightly. Then, they can answer the call. The equipped Bluetooth microphone is able to filter out external noise and offers clear sound quality. It totally liberates two hands. People can answer a call safety even if they are bicycling. If people hope for some music to kill the long-time riding, C5 can help them, too. The adopted Bluetooth sound box can be connected with the phone or other music players. Then, riders can as ride bike as enjoy melodious songs.

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