Ideawheel C5 Smart Bike Helmet Review: Bluetooth Module, Built-in Speaker and Helmet Camera

Given we have been accustomed to the idea that the helmet is just an accessory to protect riders’ heads, you might be wondering what the point of Ideawheel C5 intelligent bike helmet. For the most part, the helmets have not been so exciting until now. Ideawheel has introduced the next generation of helmets, Ideawheel C5!

Through unremitting efforts, Ideawheel has made breakthroughs on the conventional helmets and revealed Ideawheel C5 intelligent helmet. Ideawheel C5 is a high technology helmet that is designed to increase the safety of the everyday bike helmet by adding various functions.

Ideawheel C5

First of all, Ideawheel C5 bike helmet does a good job of making this helmet fit the shape and style of traditional bike helmets. Adopting polycarbonate material as its shell, C5 is a helmet with high performance of impact-resistance. EPS, as its lining material, makes it in golden ratio for safety purpose. To improve the air flow in the helmet, C5 street sports helmet has been designed with the front air intake design, deep ventilation slots and exhaust holes and so on. Therefore, these plenty venting system will help to keep the riders cool on warm days. Ideawheel C5 smart helmet for road safety comes in one size and it can also fit a wide range of head sizes. it fits a head measurement of 53cm to 63cm by adjusting the head girth.

Ideawheel C5

Compared to the conventional helmet, Ideawheel C5 only weighs about 425g. You can definitely feel this additional weight on your head but it is not heavy at all. The left and right side have each 3 buttons that control the multiple intelligent functions of C5 helmet camera. With the action camera mounted in the front of the helmet, it allows riders to take photos and shooting videos during the travel. Riders can retrospect and share the high definition pictures and moments through the WIFI connection with mobile devices.

Ideawheel C5

Bluetooth technology is another attention getting feature. Ideawheel C5 Bluetooth helmet enables the riders to answer phone calls. Listening to music can be activated via the smart phone. Riders can enjoy the music in the riding, which will be more interesting. Overall, Ideawheel C5 will improve your safety by protecting your head and helps you be more excited on the road.

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