Hurricane blasters take the players into an addictive space adventure

Feign Narula brings an exciting new and adventurous game Hurricane Blasters for the mobile game lovers all over. With galaxies and stars shining in the background along with an extravagant music that takes the players into an entertaining space adventure, the game is gaining quite some popularity among the gaming enthusiasts. The game is recently launched for the iPhone users and available for 0.99USD on iTunes.

In the game, the players will find torpedoes on the top that release balls in the color they correspond which means, the green torpedo will release a green ball, the red one a red ball and so on. To move forward in the game, the player will need to hit the hurricanes and get points. They’ll be provided with reflectors in red, blue and green color, each of which only reflects the balls corresponding to their color. The player will have the power to move the reflectors around and set the direction of the balls they drop. Every time the player hits same colored balls with a similar colored hurricane they receive 50 points and for hitting the ball with a different colored hurricane they get 10 points.

Of course, the player does have to face challenges while completing the task of hitting hurricanes. They can miss the hurricane when it passes the screen without being hit. The game allows the player to have 20 misses initially which is increased by one miss, every time the same colored ball hits the same colored hurricane 10 times. The game is over when all the misses are over.

Hurricane Blasters has received a great review from which has mentioned the game as highly addictive and fun. The game brings an exciting and unique twist to classic arcade gaming. The background is strategically designed to highlight the hurricanes, torpedoes and other elements of the game that the player needs to focus on. The creative music in the background is the highlight of the game that gives a little bit of meditative and sci-fi adventure vibe at the same time. “The soundtrack in Hurricane Blasters is what I liked the most. It makes you sit back and hold on to the game for a longer duration. The sounds of the blast animations are also superb”, as mentioned in the review.

The game consists of multiple levels which can keep the players engaged for a long time. It is a game that can be enjoyed while relaxing, traveling and anywhere for having a good time. More information about the app is available on iTunes.

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