How to Remotely Monitor and Alert Raspberry Pi and IoT devices with RemoteIoT

Since many IoT deployments contain hundreds of thousands to millions of Raspberry Pi or other IoT devices, tracking, monitoring, and managing the connected device cluster is essential. After deployment, companies need to ensure that the Raspberry Pi or IoT device is operating normally and safely. Companies also need to protect access to devices, monitor health, detect and troubleshoot problems remotely, and manage software and firmware updates.

Many devices support local monitoring in the form of buzzers or local alarm panels. This type of surveillance is valuable, but the scope of in-depth or long-term analysis is limited. This article discusses remote monitoring, which involves RemoteIoT Monitoring service to collect and analyze monitoring information from remote locations.

In the Internet of Things, companies often use sensors to perform environmental observations. The instrument library used for monitoring usually uses logical software-defined measurement equipment, such as meters. For IoT monitoring, physical sensors such as temperature sensors can be directly mapped to logical meter indicators. RemoteIoT can make these tasks very simple to handle.

IoT data visualization

No program or API is required to upload data. Users just configure a simple script in the control panel to monitor system or sensor data. Users can use built-in templates to create multiple types of charts, such as area charts, line charts, and gauge charts, and make interesting and useful dashboards.

IoT monitoring and alerting

RemoteIoT is a monitoring, security and analysis platform for developers, IT operations teams, security engineers and business users in the cloud era. The SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, and log management to provide unified, real-time observability of the customer’s entire technology stack. Organizations of all sizes and industries are using RemoteIoT to achieve digital transformation and cloud migration, promote collaboration between development, operations, security, and business teams, accelerate application time to market, shorten problem resolution time, and protect application security and infrastructure to understand user behavior and track key business indicators.


The RemoteIoT device management platform has built-in many device management and monitoring tools, allowing companies to focus on their core expertise, easily deploy devices on a large scale and effectively reduce costs.

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