How to monitor the status of IoT devices with RemoteIoT device management platform

IoT devices are completely changing the way people live and work. However, like any complex technology, those devices need to be managed and monitored. IoT monitoring, data visualization and notification are essential to the success of the IoT. Although the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things is expected to bring huge efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue, it also puts tremendous pressure on service providers, whose networks will carry most of the traffic generated by IoT devices. However, maintaining operational continuity requires not only a low-latency network, but also the ability to coordinate equipment, correlate real-time data, and generate IoT analysis to respond quickly. This will present real challenges for service providers.

RemoteIoT is a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring suite and it has specialized processes for IoT monitoring. The processors and dashboard for the service are hosted on the RemoteIoT servers but an agent program gets installed on each IoT device. The RemoteIoT device management platform can monitor the status of IoT devices and remind employees of these IoT device operation problems. It can set performance thresholds and can automatically monitor the operating status of the equipment, thereby freeing up support staff to perform other tasks.

With RemoteIoT monitoring, companies can analyze dynamic systems and handle millions of events and alarms. RemoteIoT monitoring also enables companies to bridge the gap between devices and businesses by collecting and analyzing various IoT data on a network scale across connected devices, customers, and applications. Companies can bridge the performance gap by optimizing performance across multiple applications, APIs, networks, and protocols. 

RemoteIoT also provides IoT remote access tools. Through the web interface, developers can verify devices and establish secure communications. Developers can securely connect to any IoT device behind a firewall or router via SSH or VNC from anywhere, as if it were on the local network. When support staff receive warning messages about these devices, they can quickly access these devices and resolve these issues.


The RemoteIoT device management platform provides complete control over IoT devices, making device management more flexible and safer, allowing companies to focus on their core expertise, easily deploy devices on a large scale and effectively reduce costs.

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