How to maintain the elasticity of a knitted sweater

The knitting process of sweater manufacturers in the process of using knitting needles to form loops of various raw materials and yarns, and then link them into knitted fabrics. The knitted material is soft, has good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and has greater extensibility and elasticity, and is comfortable to wear. Below, the master of the knitting factory will teach the buyer the secret of maintaining the elasticity of the knitted sweater.

Knitwear must be dehydrated after washing. After many people buy knitted sweaters, they don’t dare to wring them out when washing them, and they just dry them out flat. Originally, knitted sweaters are easy to “dirty”, so they can be rinsed in clean water after 10 minutes, and they need to be dehydrated in a washing machine with a laundry bag. Only in this way, the washed sweater will not deform and maintain elasticity. It is best after drying. Iron it to make the suede smooth. It should be noted that the suede cannot be rubbed again when washing, as this will cause the suede to stick, just quietly squeeze out the sewage.

Sweater knitwear suppliers divide knitting into wool knitting and cotton knitting. Like the woven fabric HAIERMEI knows about knitwear, cotton knitting undergoes a similar process to make tailors. Wool knitting is relatively unpopular. Among the major clothing brands, wool knitting designers are always in short supply.

Wool knitting, for example, the sweaters HAIERMEI often wear, spring and summer knitwear, each piece of wool yarn is woven by a flat knitting machine, and then they are connected one by one with a sleeving machine, just like using The sewing machine connects cloth pieces, only the equipment and methods are different.

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