“How To Lose Friends & Influence People” By Jason Mangrum – A Controversial Method For Boosting Sales

Jason Mangrum has released a free viral marketing guide “How to Lose Friends & Influence People.” A short, 13 page free guide that discusses leveraging the power of polarization, controversy and trending topics to boost sales and conversions.                       

Many business owners have social media pages with several fans, followers and subscribers, but their posts, emails and promotional messages often get little response due to the barrage of information overload internet users experience each day.

Studies show that the average office worker receives 121 emails per day and the average facebook user can go through as many as 1,500 posts every 24 hours.

The method explained in the guide shows how to “cut through the clutter” and grab attention, resulting in greater engagement, higher conversions and more sales.

In the free online marketing guide “How to Lose Friends & Influence People,” Jason Mangrum talks about how he deleted half of his subscribers, some of whom have been subscribed to his list for several years. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, he explains his reason behind it, and how it can benefit others to follow his example.

He also explains a controversial method for leveraging the power of trending topics that might be “hot buttons” for some people, and can generate both negative publicity from skeptics, and positive support from those in agreement with the author’s viewpoints.

Jason Mangrum has been helping business ventures increase their profits for over 16 years, and has written bestselling books in both business and personal development.

Jason’s business services have resulted in million dollar revenues for clients, including Mike Filsaime, who after hiring Jason for several projects, including one that generated over 1.5 million dollars in less than seven days, said “Jason is among the top 3 copywriters on the net. Every ad, email or sales letter he’s written for me has made me a fortune.”

Jeremy Gislason, another veteran entrepreneur said, “Stunned with the results. We did over $1.6 million dollars in just a few days.”

Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 bestselling author and co-star of “The Secret” has been quoted as saying, “Jason Mangrum is a marketing genius!”

“How to Lose Friends & Influence People” can be freely downloaded, shared and distributed:  http://makemoney.cash/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/How-to-Lose-Friends-Influence-People.pdf

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Jason Mangrum is a bestselling author, marketing strategist, copywriter, personal coach and consultant for premium clients in both business development and self improvement.

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