How to choose wholesale mink lashes and save money?

Wear 3d mink eyelashes is very common recent years, and there are more and more different styles of wholesale eyelashes. Eyelashes of different lengths and colored eyelashes are also promoted.

But do people know how to choose high quality wholesale lashes and save money? Let’s talk about it today.

First of all, how to choose wholesale eyelashes style?

There are thousands of different styles of wholesale mink eyelashes on the market, ranging from 13mm to 25mm lashes in various lengths. There are natural styles and exaggerated styles.What kind of wholesale eyelashes should ladies choose?

If people want to wear it for work or school, missangellashes recommend that  choose a natural style and the length should not exceed 20mm is the best.This can not only bring out long eyelashes but also fit people identity very well.

If ladies are wearing it for daily travel or party, people can choose any length, as long as it is not too exaggerated and does not hinder the movement.

Secondly,How to find a wholesale eyelashes vendor with best quality and price?

Just think about what ladies want and choose mink eyelash vendor that suits ladies.people can search for keywords lash vendors or eyelash vendors through Google,and Google will show people a lot of results.missangellashes recommend choosing the top few in the search results,because only those with a high number of clicks from customers will be ranked first,and the wholesale mink lashes that most customers choose must be of good quality and price.


Thirdly, About the price of wholesale lashes.

The quality of eyelashes in the market is uneven, and the price of wholesale eyelashes is also very different.Some people sell eyelashes at a high price, while others sell eyelashes at a low price.How should people choose?

If ladies buy it for yourself to wear, as long as it suits ladies own consumption standards, eyelashes of any price are fine.If people want to start their own eyelash business, missangellashes recommend buying some eyelashes with a higher price and better quality, because good quality eyelashes can attract more customers and have a high repurchase rate. So that your eyelash business can be maintained and grown.

Finally, About the lash samples.

Many people are entangled in the issue of whether to order eyelash samples, whether to wholesale mink lashes directly or to order eyelash samples first. missangellashes suggestion is to order eyelash samples before trying wholesale eyelashes, which can save a lot of money and test the quality of eyelashes in advance. If the quality of eyelashes is good, people can order in large quantities. If the quality of eyelashes is not good, ladies can choose eyelashes provided by other lash vendors, avoiding loss of customers and money due to eyelash quality problems.


If ladies want to know more about wholesale eyelashes, please contact missangellashes on Whatsapp: +86 17753281089, as a professional eyelashes vendor, we will give customers the greatest help. And can also provide the best quality eyelashes and design the most professional custom eyelash packaging box. If ladies have any questions, please feel free to contact missangellashes.Lash Washing Machine

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