How SEO can Help Small Business Generate Better ROI than Traditional Marketing

“Trust is king. SEO is queen. When they are put together your business would achieve success online.”

Everyone wants to grow visibility of their brand and improve revenue. This is one of the most discussed topics if a person is running a business. Generating revenue can be critical for the success of business. This becomes even more important when you have a small business or Startup.

One thing that small businesses and Startups have always concentrated on is traditional form of marketing. They spend on banner ads, pamphlets, ads in newspapers etc. with the hope that they would be getting more clients. Some of them succeed some don’t. But the fact is even if they succeed, most of them end up spending much more on acquiring a customer, than newer methods of online marketing.

So, why are cost per acquisition higher in traditional forms? The biggest reason for this is our prospect customers are more aware than ever. They don’t just buy products or services based on advertisements. They prefer to do their own research with the help of Google. There is gap between prospects think and what business owners perceive that customer might be thinking of.

This is where SEO comes into picture. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and helps you rank higher on keywords. When a customer finds your product or service on search engine, he would like to read more about it and with the help of great content and call to action tactics like providing them something for free, for sharing their details you can convert that user into lead. More than a billion searches are done every day, showing the amount of data being searched for. This effectively calls for getting your business online and having a SEO strategy around it.

Now, you must be thinking how you can use SEO for your business? SEO Services comprise of on page and off page components. On page components involve site design optimisation, landing page optimisation, page speed insights, W3C cache validation, rendering Java script errors, content and keywords optimisation. Off page SEO means building links related to your brand and keywords. It helps your website get referral traffic and provides authority to your website. SEO is a long-term task and it takes a lot of effort to rank higher for your keywords.

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The Buzz Stand is a SEO Agency in Delhi NCR. We help businesses to rank on keywords. This helps them generate traffic, improve visibility and revenue for their business. Though we are a Startup, we have a team, who have years of experience in making businesses successful.

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