How Much Does A Video Production Cost in 2019?

The year is 2019 and people are using telephones to make their own commercials. Crappy animated explainers that DO NOT build trust are still actually being made with websites like go-animate that everyone knows about, and are sick of seeing in their feeds. Those videos donʼt make you look like a big deal. Or connect with humans. Thereʼs only one thing worse than having no video. Having a bad one.

So, what does it cost to do it right?

Is it possible to afford a studio level commercial if you are a small or regular sized company or startup? Or just a guy launching his new app? The answer is yes! Sort of… You need to be careful about who you work with. Video Production Pricing seems tricky.

None of the good companies want to tell you what they cost on their site. It is VERY HARD to find out what just to get a ballpark quote without an awkward back and forth conversation.

However, thanks to you no longer have to wonder. Here is a breakdown of what their Video Production Service will cost.

It all depends on your needs of course! Do you need to show someone holding your product, speaking about your product or have a plot written with a professional cast to promote your product?

Or do you just need a video that explains your product using your own darn fine cellphone footage and a bunch of fancy graphics and stock? Asking yourself this will help you get what you need, no matter how much (or little) money your company has.

The below prices can get you something amazing or something awful, depending on who you go with. These guys at can create a fantastic video for you at the below prices (in some cases less):

EXPLAINERS, STARTUP VIDEOS AND STOCK DRIVEN CORPORATE B2B 30 Second Explainers (made of stock, graphics & your assets) $1200

45 – 90 Second Explainers (made of stock, graphics & your assets) $1600


30 to 60 Second Commercials shot in Los Angeles with pro actors and gear is just $10,000

Why so cheap? For these guys itʼs volume. They are fast. They write the script with you over the phone, do facetime to discuss the creative, quickly send you audition videos of a dozen actors to choose from and have a video in your hands in generally 2 to 4 weeks. No joke.

Obviously, if you want more than a few actors or you need to blow up a Ferrari it will cost more, but yes, it is possible for Startups, New Products and Brands with tight budgets to get Studio Quality Video Production at affordable rates, IF YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT GUYS.

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