How Marketing Entrepreneur Alan Hidalgo Has Become A Lead Generation Expert Helping Hundreds Of Businesses Produce More Revenue

“Shots of Alan Hidalgo, right side – Alan Hidalgo with CEO of Young Money Entertainment, Cortez Bryant”

Alan Hidalgo, a young but very knowledgable and savvy marketing entrepreneur is the Co-Founder of a successful marketing firm based in Houston, Texas that focuses on providing quality leads to small and medium-sized businesses. The company is a full-service digital marketing agency that can suit all marketing needs, but Alan has got specifically nationally recognized for being one of the top lead generation pioneers in the industry. He has built a master system for his clients that has produced millions in additional revenue for their companies.

It all started when Alan Hidalgo was attending Louisiana State University where he was going to school for marketing and finance. It first began when Alan Hidalgo was asked by a friend of his who owned a general construction company to help get him more customers. Alan used what he knew about the internet and social media and was able to produce roughly $320,000 in new construction contracts for in friend within the first 2 weeks of running digital marketing campaigns. His friend was blown away and to this day still uses Alan’s services. Alan had also done a tremendous amount of marketing for a college friend of his that was a college football player who now is in the NFL. Alan’s work helped this player get featured in the Washington Post, New York Times, and many other major publications. Since then, Alan realized he had a true talent to produce enormous amounts of new revenue and transaction value for businesses and high profile-individuals.

Since then, Alan has also received the Social Media Marketing Certification from a rigorous 6 month class that is currently one of the most prestigious and cutting-edge marketing programs in the World. It is instructed by Tai Lopez, a distinguished marketing influencer who is a partner and advisor to over 20+ multi-million dollar companies. He has also been a frequent Harvard & London Business keynote speaker.

Alan has made it a life mission to use his talents of producing quality leads that convert to large sums of new revenue for businesses and has since became an authority in the lead generation space. Alan says, “Its simple, when I walk into a business I see and figure out how I can take them from $1M in revenue to $3M, or whatever their numbers may be in revenue, just by using internet marketing techniques”. After numerous case studies and using his ‘secret revenue producing formula’ on many many businesses, his success rate for his clients hasremained extremely high and puts him in the top 1% of lead generation experts.

Alan also contributes much of his success to his keen eye being ADHD and paying close attention to details, noticing things that most people do not. “I was diagnosed as ADHD around the age of 6 where I was notoriously known for having a bad behavior problem and challenging authority. By the time I finished high school, I realized I could channel what I thought was a curse and transform it into a gift. I have used my condition as a blessing in disguise to give me a competitive advantage in that I think things differently most allowing me to see what most do not. It also has awarded me with a tremendous dosageof persistence. That persistence is why my clients love me, because I use that same persistence to get my clients where they want to be. It has also got me in door with meetings with famous entrepreneurs, millionaires, politicians, and athletes.”

Alan Hidalgo is a Co-Founder in Total Leverage Solutions, a digital marketing and lead generation agency that is known for its ‘revenue producing formula’ that produces new revenue for businesses. Alan is also a partner in SoleSearching Global, an e-commerce store start-up that sells sought after sneakers and high end fashion pieces. He started this company with two high school classmates, including NFL Star Landon Collins, the New York Giants Safety no. 21. The company has even attracted the attention of serial entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author, Gary Vaynerchuk.

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