How Effective Is The Best And Free Client Scheduling App

For sales managers, tools with clear interfaces and simple access are important for service enhancement. Customer follow-up records are one of the most important parts of the work.

Managing the information about clients serviced, such as consumption history and the performance of other members of the team is probably the most important daily task for employees. However, once the number of clients increases, it will be more difficult to manage.

Why not try a professional tool?

A tool that can accumulate and manage customer information in an organized manner is a good way to sort out customer information to increase the efficiency of sales. It also allows managers to better serve their customers and drive the team to improve management efficiency. Especially when working with many customers at the same time, it is useful to have a professional customer management tool for assistance.

Clients management templates on Tracup

In Tracup‘s customer management template, users can easily record the follow-up status of each client. By this way, employees can provide targeted services based on customer characteristics and requirements, and enhance customer stickiness and their experience. It is not only simple and convenient to record, but it is also easy to upload the corresponding attachments associated with the customer to each customer’s profile, such as contracts, audio and documents.

With Tracup, there is no longer need to switch to view the customer follow-up records! Meanwhile, client information can be synchronized with a single click through the template to other staff members to collaborate on relevant tasks.

In the Client Management Template:

• How to record customer information?

• How to record customer updates?

• How to search or filter for a particular type of customer quickly?

How to record customer information?

In Tracup customer management template, there are fields for “Activity”, “Paid Version”, “Industry”, “Customer Stickiness “, “Latest communication time”, “Transaction amount”, “Contact number”, which are all necessary for customer management. In addition, users also can add or delete fields according to their own needs!


How to record customer updates?

In Tracup, there are “Lead”, “Pending”, “In Progress”, “Churned”, “Communication” and “Signed”, which allow you to adjust the task status according to the customer’s real-time tracking status and clarify the current situation.


How to search or filter for a particular customer quickly?

With the increase in customer information, how to search or filter for a particular customer quickly? Just “enter a keyword and press “Enter” to search. It’s done!

There are several more project components available to choose:

Users can clearly view the real-time status of customers, the status of processes and how efficiently they are being executed through the ‘Kanban’ page. It ensures effective customer management and higher sales conversion rates. In addition, the project component has documents for the team to use. Documents such as sales policies and sales techniques can be added to the project easily for simultaneous access.

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