How does Wellbtc open a new path under the situation that the exchange is caught in trouble

The one which can obtain support from users will dominate the exchange market in the future

Throughout the development of 11 years, blockchain has finally become what we see today. From BTC to DCEP, the concept, variety and policy of blockchain are changing constantly while the change itself is one feature of blockchain, and “node” which has appeared since the emergence of BTC has had a new meaning at present.     

What is node?

Node is brought from BTC and develops towards prosperity through EOS, which has had a wider meaning currently. In the blockchain network of BTC, the block producers producing blocks through packaging transaction, namely the miners, are the nodes of BTC. Few people own most of the right of keeping accounts, such as mine fields, they actually have become the “super modes”.  

The campaign mechanism of super nodes of EOS, which is one highly-popular public blockchain project, has made the word of “super node” become largely popular. EOS adopts DPOS consensus mechanism, therefore, some need to assume the identity of “witness” in its network, which are the authorities allowing the generation and broadcasting of blocks, enjoying many benefits, connecting to EOS project closely and bearing responsibilities and risks commonly.     

Nowadays, node doesn’t just exist in technology level but obtains some benefits owing to its responsibility of realizing common development with the whole network and ecology, therefore, it is widely applied in the whole blockchain field.

Almost each role in the industrial chain of the blockhain, such as community, medium, investment institution, team and exchange, can become a node, which can participate in one certain plan and obtain a lot owing to common development.  

The exchange plays an important role but never acts violently

Exchange is the most widely-applied node and the blockchain role using this concept at present. After the super node campaign of EOS started, the three largest exchanges including Huobi, Binance and OK participated in the process and started their node plans respectively, however, they came to an end finally in an anticlimactic way after a great fanfare.     

In 2019, the three largest exchanges dominated the first tier firmly while the second-tier exchanges began to display their abilities to grasp the residual market, wherein the appropriate high-quality assets, diversified transaction modes, continuous power of the incremental market all brought huge traffic and popularity for the second-tier and third-tier exchanges to grasp the market, besides, the number of exchanges even surpassed that of common projects, which showed that exchanges were obviously recognized as the most powerful hub with largest profitability in the whole industrial chain of the blockchain.          

However, as the position of the exchanges was strengthening, the project sponsors began to cooperate with the exchanges to lay hands on investors, or the exchanges directly laid hands on the project sponsors, and accordingly, the platform and the users became the rivals, and even not being evil became the important label of one exchange, because mutual harm brought direct damage to the industrial ecology.     

Changing and non-changing of Wellbtc

One day in the currency circle, but one year in the world, the changes in the currency circle tend to be unpredictable. From providing services at the beginning to making investors overwhelmed at present, the transaction platform is between being happy and being alive for longer time in essence, and most of them choose the former. With the rapid development of the exchanges, life and death are in a instant, but persisting in user first and common development is actually the long-term solution.       

Wellbtc just starts and it hopes to seek for a different path to make friends with everyone in face of the killing market. 

Wellbtc hopes to break the stalemate in the market through industrial innovation and center on node plan to hit the industrial pain point directly.

To be the best on a most basic level

Transaction system is the core lifeblood of the exchange. Wellbtc adopts advanced security-level algorithm to realize order processing speed of million level per second, which can complete one-to-many matchmaking transaction rapidly. The system can support the transactions featured with massive data, high performance and high concurrency stably.   

In view of safety, Wellbtc depends on reliable and effective safety technology, and persists in separation of cold and hot wallets, wallet threshold setting, physical isolation of cold wallet and Multi-layer service scheduling to guarantee bank-level safety of the system.   

Node plan – Making friends with everyone

In the future, Wellbtc endows node with new meaning, which chooses to minimize the profit and leave the development to the future. 

First of all, node is divided into light node and super node with similar benefit and different degree. 

The benefits of light node: one free opportunity of currency launching and 80% of rebate which is quite attractive compared with the currency launching expenses of dozens of BTCs. In addition, there are 10% of dividend from user transaction procedure, 10% of performance reward from membership upgrading, division of profits from ecological mining machine, extra rebate from subsequent currency launching recommendation, team guidance and offline meetings.   

Compared with other node plans in the current market, this requirement is more reasonable. Recruiting 200 users is a witness to the common development with the platform, wherein transaction amount can guarantee the most familiarity while the platform currency pledge provides basic support for the whole ecological development. 

Compared with other node plans, the node reward of Wellbtc seems to be too much, but this is the original intention of Wellbtc, that is, make friends with everyone who is one part of the exchange after becoming one node of the team.

The super node is more in-depth and the benefits are more radical and brutal. 

In terms of currency launching recommendation, two currency launching opportunities are offered for super node, coupled with 100% of debate and 30% of dividend at most. Besides, the service charge, membership upgrading and mining machine dividend are also increased, accompanied with the rights of team guidance and online meetings.

As for similar requirements and higher benefits, the powerful communities or teams will certainly be more suitable to the latter one. Certainly, owing to the particularity of super node, the limit is 200 at most to guarantee the benefits and balanced development of the whole ecology. For the purpose of further development, Wellbtc will bring 15% of business income to stimulate top ten nodes each month and year, moreover, the community of each node will obtain value guarantee for project amount and exclusive customer service personnel to solve problems and make feedback.    

The essence of consensus is people, so is the community. The one who can obtain support from users can seize the future.

Absolutely, Wellbtc has realized this fully, which persists in the people-oriented and user-centered principle to guarantee the benefits of all and seek for a community of shared interests. 

In the transaction process, the users, project sponsors and exchange obtain the opportunity of fair development, transforming zero-sum game to positive-sum game, creating value instead of dividing value. Wellbtc is the first one to realize the high quantity in the shared benefit for node community in the market.    

User is always the core value

Currently, the platform currencies of most exchanges realize deflation through destruction. In the middle of each month, 5%-30% of service charges for destruction are unfixed, and 10 million platform currencies are released each year.     

In general, the core logic is very simple, that is, repurchase regularly in a large scale, reduce circulation, rely on the power of community nodes and increase the platform value, trading off and taking turns. Penetrating the low turn volume, high circulation rate, high value consensus and self-consistent economic model support into the whole industrial chain can naturally bring stable growth for value investors.        

In one word, everyone is equal, realize common prosperity, promote ecological development and achieve value growth.  

For Wellbtc and all investors, “making money” is fundamental, “applauding” is the core of long-term development and “increment” is the future.

Though the current transaction market has entered a period of stagnation, Wellbtc is still trying to find out a new mode to break the current situation and bring new confidence for investors. 

It can be imagined that Wellbtc will guide the ecological construction of the blockchain industry and create a sustainable development scene of stable appreciation of currency based on common safeguard of currency-holding fans. The economic model of Wellbtc has also brought hope to the global cryptocurrency community users that it offers larger benefits to the users, make friends with everyone to become a community of interests and realize mutual benefit.          

Certainly, Wellbtc will also face some unknown problems in the unpredictable market, but as long as it persists in its original intention, its value will drive response naturally, maybe the innovation of Wellbtc will become a milestone of the times in the future ten years. 

About the company: 

Wellbtc, a Singapore-based digital currency exchange, was founded in 2018.

At present, the total number of registered users has reached 2.8 million, with 100,000 daily users. 

The daily turnover can reach 500 million US dollars.

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