Homping Grill described by Food and Wine Magazine as “The best tailgating innovation since the invention of beer helmet”

Innovative portable tailgating grill, Homping Grill, picked as The Best Portable Tailgating Grill by leading online lifestyle journal, Food and Wine Magazine

Homping Grill is an innovative grill that is changing the way delicious grilled meals are made using hot charcoal. The first of its kind product is designed to ensure users enjoy charcoal-grilling safely and conveniently both at home and on the road. The innovative idea and its benefits have been recognized by several people, cooks, and experts, with leading online lifestyle journal, Food and Wine Magazine, recently picking it as the best portable tailgating grill.

Currently available on Amazon for less than $200, Homping has received several accolades from users across the globe. Therefore, it was not surprising when it was the editor’s pick of Food and Wine. Grilled meals are almost irresistible for anyone. However, the efforts required to make them have often scared most people off. It also requires having the right equipment, which unfortunately has not been very popular in the market. While there some small grills and smokers on the market, they have several flaws that have not made them the right choice for lovers of grilled meals.

The advent of Homping, however, changed the way grilled meals are made, providing a more convenient and safer way of grilling. The several features of Homping, which stand it out from other BBQ grills, were highlighted by Noah Kaufman in the article posted on Food and Wine.

One of the obvious features of the grill is its portability, allowing anyone and everyone to use it almost anywhere. In his words, “At a little over ten pounds, it’s small enough and light enough to toss in whatever car you own—let’s be real, it’s probably small enough and light enough to toss in your bike basket. And because it packs up small enough to fit into a reusable grocery bag, it couldn’t be easier to move. It also heats up faster than standard grills, all while using about ten percent of the charcoal. During a recent weekend grilling session (in the rain no less), the Homping got up to cooking heat in less than ten minutes without the use of lighter fluid or chimney. A small dab of Sterno-like gel and a battery operated fan speed the process, and the efficient design allows about half a cup of charcoal to remain lit and hot in the small coal compartment for close to an hour. The long cook time is nice since it’s only possible to fit about four burgers, half a dozen hot dogs or three ears of corn on the grill at once.

But perhaps the biggest advantage I found with the Homping was during cleanup. Because the area that holds the charcoal is so small, the grill stays cool enough to move and clean, even before the coals burn out, and disposing of a handful of spent charcoal is certainly easier than figuring out what to do with an entire bagful.”

Some of the many features of the grill are highlighted below.

  • Award-winning design
  • Nearly Smokeless/Reduces smoke by 90%
  • Easy-light ignition
  • Uses only 8 charcoal briquettes per hour
  • Battery operated fan control (Requires 4 X AA Batteries – not included)Safe-touch design
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with carrying case and grill/safety tool
  • 11.5 inches of grilling surface
  • Weighs only 8.5 lbs.

Homping Grill is available on Amazon for below $200, perfectly combining quality with affordability.

About Homping Grill

Homping Grill is a new-concept in charcoal grills, designed to help users enjoy charcoal-grilling in a safe and convenient manner whether at home and on the road. The Homping Grill provides the best attributes of convenience, heat, and flavor in a light-weight, portable, nearly smokeless design. The Homping Grill easily and quickly ignites in two different ways – 8 to 10 instant light charcoal briquettes or a fire starting gel-like SmarterStarter Fluid(R) and lump charcoal. Ignite the charcoal, turn on the fire control switch to increase airflow to the flames, and you’ll be cooking within two to three minutes!

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