Holdex Platform – The Nature of Exchanges – Will Guarantee The Rights and Stand With All Users

Holdex platform – the nature of exchanges, From January 2018, the number of exchanges began to grow on a large scale. Before August, the number of global exchanges exceeded 14000. For the downward trading market and trading risk, the number of direct demanders – trading users of exchanges has been decreasing.

January 23, 2020 – According to some investment institutions, when the market is in the peak, the number of crypto investors can reach 30 million. However, the number of users is less than 10 million now. More than 10000 exchanges around the world share the compact market of global crypto traders. The fierce competition in crypto secondary market makes many exchanges in danger.

in addition to the bad atomosphere, the exchanges are facing severe competition. If there is no absolute comparing advantage, it will be difficult to maintain development in the current environment. How to stand on its own and make great progress in the current severe market environment is also the development mission that many exchanges, including Holdex platform, have been exploring for.

Under such a background, what are the focus of these exchanges? We can analyze it from the nature of the exchange.

First of all, the most basic function of the exchange is token-token trading. To a certain extent, the richness, diversity and value of the trading platform also determine the users whether leave or stay. In the design of the exchange, token-token trading is the link of the trading demand of the buying and selling users, as well as the monitoring of the token-token trading in the whole network. Mainly to ensure the smooth trading in the transaction, there is not much difference in the fluctuation of the whole network token price.

Holdex platform provides a variety of transaction pairs for investors to choose investment projects, and promotes a variety of transaction promotion activities, which effectively promotes the formation of transaction structure. In the whole Holdex transaction ecosystem, design effectively provides transaction volume guarantee. Holdex platform will also set up sub stations around the world to provide users holding Holdex platform with free trading services supporting various fiat currencies such as RMB, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar and mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH and USDT.

Secondly, the exchange needs to meet the user’s convenient and stable trading experience. In the rapid development of the Internet in these years, the majority of Internet users in the app or PC experience is also increasingly demanding, especially involving the process of financial transactions, stability and convenience is the goal of many users. For example, traditional secondary market transactions and derivative transactions use PC client to conduct transactions, which is to ensure that transactions are not affected by the unstable network. For exchanges, both PC and mobile terminals need to ensure a wide range of connectivity, convenient recharge process and stable trading process.

Holdex knows this well. At the beginning, it was convenient to use mature Internet R & D technology to make the exchange experience to the extreme. Holdex platform applied microsecond level high-performance trading technology to the transaction for the first time, which could ensure that the order processing would not be delayed or stuck, and the exchange would run smoothly and stably. This is also unprecedented in the development and application of exchange technology.

Finally, the asset security of user account is the most important part of the transaction. The exchange is a centralized institution, so it is necessary to have a high demand for financial security. Even if some parts of blockchain technology are used, there are still cheating approaches, and a variety of security problems are constantly emerging.

To solve this problem, Holdex platform has guaranteed the users’ technical security and trust security. It is understood that at present, Holdex and Hongming security team have reached an in-depth cooperation on security. Hongming will provide a series of code audit services for Holdex’s smart contract project, and continue to provide security audit services after the code upgrade of the project party. At the same time, Hongming security team will also provide long-term security testing services to Holdex platform.

Therefore, what Holdex platform can do is to ensure the safety of assets, to screen the risk of the project, and to check the safe behavior of exchange users.

Based on the above points, for the exchange, the key to realizing the important needs of users for the exchange lies in the technical ability of the development team of the exchange. Holdex digital asset exchange attaches great importance to this. In order to provide users with a better and easier experience of digital asset exchange, Holdex platform has made many design innovations, each of which originates from its outstanding Technical capability.

Holdex platform will guarantee the rights and interests of every compliant user and stand with all users.

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