Hitler’s Secret Jet Designer’ Reveals the Dangerous Secretive Life and Journey of the Fictionalized German Jew who Kept Many Secrets

A new work by author and veteran Roy E. Peterson, “Hitler’s Secret Jet Designer: Jet Invention, Austrian Connection, American Protection,” is now on the bookshelves. Using the fictionalized character Helmut Kroeger, the book narrates the life journey of the Jewish aircraft designer who was the ultimate repository of all secrets, enjoying a high position in Hitler’s Third Reich, and who created the world’s first super weapon and fighting machine – the jet fighter and bomber that is now commonplace in all armies. While the rest of the world hunted him, his secrets kept him alive. This is his story.

An entertaining and detailed work with most details historically true (though not the escape to America, although this did happen with other figures), this story will give goosebumps to any reader, “Hitler’s Secret Jet Designer” is revelatory without being sensational. Kroeger kept secrets that, in turn, kept him alive. A crypto-Jew in German disguise amidst the presence of the SS Jewish inquisition squads around him, Kroeger designed the world’s first fighter jet.

Peterson paints a colorful picture of Kroeger, who comes out as “a comedian without a club, a raconteur without a racquet, a playboy without a playbook. Parties don’t start until he arrives. Women don’t drool until he confidently strides into the room. Beds don’t have enough springs for his athletic efforts.”

The story is told in chapters that reveal these secrets one by one. There are secrets at the workplace, secrets of the SS and the concentration camps, and secrets of living, secrets closely held, and more. There are other characters too, like Willy Messerschmitt, who designed planes.

After the war, the allies and the Soviets launched a hunt for the superweapon and its inventor and production engineers. They are also in the crosshairs of Jewish organizations for using slave labor. The final secret revealed is that of Operation Paperclip, which sees Kroeger in West Texas with his family. 

The book is a well-balanced story addressing policies, politics, and personalities involved in forming a large part of the history of the twentieth century,” says one reader review.

Apart from being U.S. Army Military Intelligence Retired, Roy Peterson is also a poet, songwriter, and award-winning bass voice singer. He has published over 20 secret intelligence studies, many reports, two Master’s theses, and two institutional publications. Peterson has served in Moscow during the Cold War period as the first U.S. Foreign Commercial Officer in the Russian Far East, apart from other positions. He has also been a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, teaching global business, marketing, sales, management, and other related subjects.

Hitler’s Secret Jet Designer: Jet Invention, Austrian Connection, American Protection” by Roy E. Peterson is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions.

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