Higher Horizons Introduces the Unique High Protein Wraps – With More Protein Than A Chicken Fillet/100g

Higher Horizons Introduces the Unique High Protein Wraps - With More Protein Than A Chicken Fillet/100g
Innovative food business, Higher Horizons, announces the launch of the High Protein Wraps, a protein-filled bread with more protein than a chicken fillet.

A journey of personal transformation

At the age of 24 after a few years working on cruise ships without exercise and excessive drinking. Timmy, the founder of Higher Horizons, looked himself in the mirror and was horrified by what he saw. It was time to get back to the healthy life of his teens. 

He went back to the gym and soon realised that he needed to take care of his nutrition as well. He soon discovered that most food that tastes nice doesn’t help him to reach his goals. He loved a burrito, but looking at the nutrition, it was clear he couldn’t eat that every day. It would bring him back to the post-cruise ship days, and that couldn’t happen! 

The game-changing idea – High Protein Wraps

This sparked a thought, what if he could change that? He broke down the problem and realised that the wrap was the culprit. The wrap was just full of carbs and calories. This is when he set out on a quest to change this.

The journey was long with many failed attempts and thousands and thousands of pounds spent. Some people even laughed at him and said this would never work. To prove them wrong, he even learnt how to bake himself to understand better. 

Finally, after many long years, that commitment results in Higher Horizons, High Protein Wraps that can be used for so many more things than a burrito.

Why you should try Higher Horizons Wraps

– High Protein – More protein than a chicken fillet supporting muscle building

– High Fibre – 4 times more fibre than a banana supporting gut health and the immune system

– Low Calories – 30% less calories than normal wraps supporting fat loss

– Low Carbs – only 5g of carbs per wrap so you can make a wrap with less carbs than a salad

– Save Money – The wraps come with 20 FREE recipes for office lunches removing the need for expensive lunches

– Save Time – Make healthy meals in as little as 3 minutes

All the benefits are a testament to how Higher Horizons is trying to help you lose fat and get lean!

To get yours go to https://higherhorizons.co/. The campaign continues across social media, amidst a growing online community on Instagram and Facebook.

About Higher Horizons

Higher Horizons was founded to provide healthy eating options to as many people as possible across the globe. The food business was founded by a trained engineer after his struggles to find tasty food to get lean, which led to the discovery of the nutritional benefits of replacing normal flour with wheat and pea protein as well as bamboo fibre.

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