Herbal Transdermal, skincare products made with proprietary 90 Vital elements

Herbal Transdermal is a leading brand that offers all-natural skin care products made from a proprietary ingredient, 90 Vital elements which are derived from Mother Nature herself. It presents natural and gentle products for the face and body that are free from any harmful chemicals. The customers can find skincare products such as facial scrubs, toners, under eye serums, full body soaps, mud masks and lotions among other natural products.

The range of skincare products by Herbal Transdermal provides a healthier alternative to chemical laden products available in the market that are harmful to the body and health. It offers a natural substitute for chemical based skin care products, that are gentle, free of toxins and effective. The brand has incorporated 90 vital elements into their products. These vital elements are abundant in balanced nature and the brand isolates them using an exclusive process.

Herbal Transdermal addressed a big issue, the majority of people are lacking in these natural elements which are essential for healthy skin and body, mostly due to modern lifestyle choices, bad food habits, and sleeping cycles. Filled with the goodness of nature Herbal Transdermal has created products that restore the balance and provide the necessary nutrients to the skin to enhance its beauty. There is a product for every skin type and the customers can find products to boost natural glow, moisture, elasticity and softness of the skin.

Some of the products by Herbal Transdermal include the Himalayan Pink Salt Facial Scrub, Green Tea Facial Scrub, Anti-Aging lotion, Fast Asleep lotion, Sensitive Skin Lotion, Mood Elevator lotion, Forest Mint natural body wash, Fatigue Relief soap, Immune Defense soap and more. The special ingredients are combined together to form a concoction that soothes the body and mind both.

All the products can be seen at herbaltransdermal.com. Go Natural, Get Healthy!

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