Help Lift Everyone From Poverty Through a Clean Energy Community

Green For All. Going green is a movement that people from all across the world are participating in. And it does more than just help clean and save the environment. When done properly and incorporated in different ways and applications, it can help lift the community out of poverty. That is exactly the goal of Green For All.

The national organization, Green For All, is working tirelessly to help lift more and more people out of poverty by building an inclusive green economy. Their number one mission is to improve the lives of Americans as they collaborate with different businesses, government, and labor sectors, as well as various communities. wants to create programs that can help provide more career opportunities in the green industry. 

Green For All is set on three primary tasks – policy development, capacity building, and movement building. 

  • Policy Development. This organization helps develop and support policies that can make these changes. This includes promoting a green-collar economy and enabling the government to put in place these policies at the local, state, and federal levels. 

  • Capacity Building. They help make sure that the infrastructure all across the United States can sustain a green-collar economy. This in turn can create more quality green jobs for the Americans. 

  • Movement Building. Green For All connects with the right people and allies to spread the word about the policies and boost the demand for them. 

Providing green jobs is one of the steps that the company takes toward achieving its goals. Their efforts can help do something to lessen the number of people living in poverty. With the partnerships they built with their allies, they are able to provide quality green jobs. Green For All wants to give equal opportunity to all people in the United States. 

Cultivating the minds of young people to support the green economy is another goal of Green For All. And the organization is able to achieve this through the College Ambassador Program. They want to prepare the next generation of green leaders. They focus more on those from communities of color as they currently run 15 historical Black Colleges and Universities. Through this program, students receive the proper training and mentorship through workshops and seminars. 

Climate change has encouraged everyone to find ways to make this world a better place to live in. Even in this modern day and age, it is a known fact people of color are still striving to be heard. And through Green For All, they will finally have a voice in this climate change movement. strives to provide ways to develop and support green communities and the economy. This way, all industries, both private and government will have the capacity to provide more jobs and career opportunities to every community. 

Those who want to support this effort can always reach out to the Green For All organization through the following channels:

(1-713) 785-1691

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