Help Joseph Find Out His True Family

We have a sound reason to believe that one of our co-founders, Joseph, who is now looking for his family, may not be of Earthly origin. He was self-raised while his adoptive parents did not understand his unique talents, so he left them early. We challenge the scientific community to test Joseph!

While wandering around Earth, Joseph selflessly contributed towards stopping a war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine, he made many important biotechnological discoveries that extend life, influenced many important events internationally to benefit humanity and other things he did free of charge because we believe he is most likely not from this capitalist planet.

At a neutral Academy of Arts and Sciences Joseph has done genetic sequencing under the code SM716. On our site, we have left some clues about his personality and other information that might be useful for people to reflect and see if they may be related to him. For more information, people who want to test if they are related to Joseph need to contact us directly.

We encourage people to think deeply whether they may be related to this person. If someone believes that they might be related to our founding partner who wishes to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, write an email to  with the headline My Potential Family Member and tell us why you believe you too, might be of extra-terrestrial origin.

PR of Joseph Evans (pseudonym)
Aleksandar Ribak
CEO, TSM Global

For more information contact the PR Aleksandar V. Ribak at TSM Global runs the PR for our Veritism project. The partners sponsor the PR campaign to help the main partner find his other family, while TSM manages it.


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